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The World's Best Chocolate Bar

WORLD'S BEST CHOCOLATE BAR THE It may have only been around for a few hundred years, but it has quickly become a great source of weakness for many of us. The chocolate bar has taken many forms, but let's take a look at how things have progressed over the years. A BRIEF HISTORY OF CHOCOLATE Mayans cultivate the Cacao tree. They create a drink using cocoa beans, peppers and spices. 600AD IxCacao, Mayan goddess of chocolate 1528 Explorer Hernan Cortés brings the recipe back to Spain. The drink becomes popular in Europe, sold in chocolate houses. 1700 Chocolate House The English begin adding milk to the recipe. Joseph Fry presses chocolate into a mould, creating the first bar. 1847 Henri Nestlé follows this up with the first milk chocolate bar. A display at the Chicago World's Fair inspires caramel producer; Milton Hershey, to begin making chocolate bars fused with his 1893 caramels. Mass production of chocolate bars leads to a booming worldwide industry, which today has 20th a value of almost £600 Billion. Century £600 BILLION 18th Century Chocolate is used for medicinal purposes. Except in France, where it is deemed a 'dangerous drug'. WHERE TO FIND THE CÁCAO TREE Cacao trees can only grow within an area 20 degrees north or south of the equator Equator WHICH CHOCOLATE BAR SELLS THE MOST In 2013, the top 5 were: U.K. U.S.A. SNICKERS «Cadbur) DAIRY MILK Galamy HERSHEYS 2 MILK CHOCOLATE NETEI Mars Twix SNICKERS Msteles WHO CONSUMES THE MOST CHOCOLATE The world's top 5 consumers Average of chocolate are all located in Europe per person Switzerland 12 Kg per year Ireland 10 Kg per year United Kingdom 10 Kg per year 4 Austria 9 Kg per year Belgium 8 Kg per year 4m WORLD'S LARGEST CHOCOLATE BAR The largest recorded chocolate bar to date was made by Thorntons on 7th October 2011 in Alfreton, UK. 4m It weighed in at an astonishing 5,792.50 Kg. That's almost Around the same as 6 TONNES large mountain gorillas playing drums. Thorntons 0.35m THE TOP 5 COMPANIES OF 2013 COMPANY Н.Q. BRANDS SALES (to the nearest billion) MARS McLean, VA U.S.A. SNICKERS Mars Twix £10 Billion Elake 2 Mondelēz, Deerfield, IL Milka TOBLERONE DAIRYMILK £9 Billion International U.S.A. 3 Nestle. Vevey Aero CRUNCH £8 Billion Switzerland HERSHEY'S. HERSHEYS 4 Hershey, PA mrGoodbar Smphony £4 Billion MILK CLL U.S.A. FERRERO Alba duplo £3 Billion bueno Italy MOST EXPENSIVE The most expensive bar of chocolate sold at an CHOCOLATE BAR auction for £470. It was an uneaten bar of Cadbury's chocolate, taken with Captain Scott £470 on his first expedition to Antarctica in 1901. PORTION CONTROL The most common frustration cited by consumers on confectionery packaging is that they are "difficult to open". This has led to changes in recent years, with easy-to-open features and reseal technology such as the zip lock and close tape. CHOCOLATE BAR PRODUCTION 1 pod enough for produces contains 1 cacao tree Around 100 Around 40 Around 8 pods per year cocoa beans milk chocolate bars giving totalling producing + 800,000 milk chocolate bars Usually around 1000 trees per hectare Around 100,000 Around 4 million pods per year cocoa beans A figure much less than the number of children forced to work on cocoa plantations The chocolate bar has come a long way. But while the price of it has come down over the years, the cost of slavery in its production has risen greatly. As we continue to strive for fair trade, the cost of chocolate will undoubtedly see a rise. But surely worth the life of a child. [email protected] @lamRobertShaw

The World's Best Chocolate Bar

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A history of the chocolate bar, and which brands sell the most.


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