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World of Wine

World of Wine Who makes the most wine? Why That Order? "Since 2007" There is much change in production France and Italy have always The whole world loves wine. France We couldn't possibly talk about every wine-loving country in the world, so we're taking a look at the Top 10 countries, and finding out what they bring to the wine world. each year, been the heavyweights in this competition. Last year Italy produced the most wine for export by volume (22%) according to Decanter, but since 2007 wine export 22% Italy Spain USA China Argentina Australia Chile South Africa Germany Italy's producton + figures for Italy and France have decreased by 7% and 11% respectively, at that rate Argentina is a serious contender for the title shot reporting the highest growth rate (8%) in wine production amongst the top 5 wine producers in the world. Top 10 7% 11% Italy's Export - France Export - Tracing such movements is an 8% unwelcome headache. Save the headaches for Malbec hangovers'. Argentina's Growth Rate + The Best Selling Wine Bestselling wine in the world in 2007 was Franzia which had Over 24 million cases sold, followed by Martini and Carlo Rossi at 13.5 and 13.2 million cases respectively. (Chile) (Australia) (UK) (Italy) (USA) Concha y Toro / 10.6 million Yellowtail / 10.2 million Blossom Hill / 20 million Martini / 13.5 million Carlo Rossi / 13.2 million France Italy What Does Each Notable Italian wine Terroir _ regions are / Region Give Us? The relationship that geography, geology, climate and topography have with produce such as wine, cheese and chocolate. Piedmont, Tuscany and Veneto. In the world of wine, a region that produces wine is often called an Appellation: (a geographical area that is protected by law because it is home to grapes that are used to make wine). Appellations are protected regions that produce the good stuff. Currently most countries have a legislative body that regulates wine production. They usually fall under a ministry of agriculture and supervise wine processing to ensure quality and authentic production. When speaking, thinking, drinking French Wine it is worth remembering two things: Italy has a wine classification system which falls into_ Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée A French certification granted to French agricultural products manufactured in certain regions. Each wine with the AOC label is tested to make sure it satisfies the necessary criteria. Vini The label only reports the colour of the wine. - Vini Varietali (Varietal Wines) Generic wines that are made either mostly (at least 85%) from one authorized 'international' grapes. Terroir' and Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée. - Vini IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) Wines produced in a specific territory within Italy and following a series of specific and precise regulations on authorized varieties. Spain In some cases (USA, South Africa, Chile) regulation is primarily to ensure accurate representation; as opposed to the regulatory bodies in France, Italy and Spain who are also concerned with the methods of production, grape varieties and regional properties. - Vini DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) Spain has over 120 identifiable wine regions. Two of which - Rioja and Priorat - fall under Denomenacion De Origen Calificada, the highest category Spanish Wine Law. This category includes two sub-categories: Vini DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) and Vini DOCG (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin). DOC wines must have been IGP wines for at least 5 years. Priorat Rioja No. of vineyards 567 Grapes produced 4.8 tn No. of wineries Priorat is known for some important No. of vineyards 14,000 Spanish wines such as / Garnacha tinta, Cariñena Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah Wine produced Rioja is known for some important Spanish wines such as / Rioja, Rioja Blanco. Grapes produced 8.8 tn No. of wineries 98 150 Wine produced 27 698 hL 50 528 hL Macabeo, Pedro Ximenez. USA Germany Three main wine making states are / {The Riesling Grape} California, Washington and New York. Aromatic, Sweet, Fruity & Crisp. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau regulate all wines produced in America. The Riesling Grape is the hallmark of German wine: a white grape that yields aromatic, sweet, fruity, crisp results. Germany is known for its white wines- the climate makes it tricky to produce reds. Most appellations in America are American Viticultural Areas. Simliar to the French concept of terroir this is based on geogra- phy and climate. 'Making Red and White wines such as'/ That is not to say heart of Europe is without them,most vineyards hug the Rhine and various tributaries where mountains block the cutting northern wind. Germany has yet to shake its reputation for cheap, sweet wines with low alcoholic content; this is an outdated generalisation but it persists amongst sommeliers and amateurs. Zinfandel Sangiovese a wine to receive AVA status at least 85% of the grapes used Riesling to produce the wine must be grown in AVA. A wine may also receive county appellation status if 75% of the grapes used to produce the wine are from that county. Roussane Australia The majority of vines grown in Australia are imported. The main grape varieties are: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Riesling. Chile The headline grape varieties include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot Carménère Pinot noir Australia is notable for its large variety of grape types (130 to be exact) The appellation system in Chile is closer to the regulatory practice in the USA than Europe. Unlike Europe there are no parameters around viticulture techniques or grape varieties. Syrah Sangiovese Barbera Malbec and Carignan Chile is also host, amongst others, to the white varieties of 130x Chardonnay Sauvignon blanc Sauvignon vert and Gewürztraminer

World of Wine

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This is an overview of how different countries around the world consume, produce and treat wines. Filled with engaging statistics and trivia, this is perfect for any wine or food blog.




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