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The World of Spices

Garlic Spices being so versatile in their features are a necessity across the global culinary scene, especially in India. Indians are supposedly one of the warmest, most intense and cultured people- A wonder in spices INDIA is known asS Control your weight with garlic. Garlic makes a great natural remedy to banish unsightly blemishes. THE THE НОМЕ world of SPICES INDIAN CUISINE IS VARIED IN STRICT VEGETARIANS REGULAR MEAT EATERS The very commonly used word 'AROMA' is the ancient TASTE AND TYPE. OF Z50/ Around 35% of Indians are strict Vegetarians 35% 30% while another 30% are regular meat eaters. Its antioxidants kill bacteria, so rub a sliced clove of garlic on the pimple for an effective topical treatment. SP/CES Greek word for spice. Most Indian spices are smoky not spicy. Garlic in several forms can reduce cholesterol. When eaten daily, garlic can help lower heart disease risk by as much as 76 percent. Hot Chilli Cloves Nutmeg Fennel Cardamom Vanilla Peppers 76% The smell alone increases blood flow. An exotic spice to Nutmeg is best when freshly ground. This spice enhances any dish, both sweet and savoury. It's a spice with a complex aroma that triggers creativity and imagination. Fennel seeds used in Cardamom is considered a warming spice. Its also one of the world's most expensive spices, falling right behind Protect the stomach boost your energy. both savoury and It comes from clove tree buds that are Vanilla is the second lining and may prevent the gastric damage associated with anti-inflammatory sweet dishes aids in digestion and a great breath freshener! most expensive spice after saffron. The picked green and then dried in the sun flower that produces saffron and vanilla the vanilla bean painkillers. until they turn brown. beans. lasts only one day. There are ver 80 kinds of spices grown across the world but India alone grows about 50 types of them. Indian spice exotica Miraculous spices that are good for us Right from the kitchen and medicinal uses in homes spices have an important role to play in different places. As India is blessed with a varied climate each of its state produces some spice or the other. INDIA India produces a variety of spices and is the top producer in the world. Becenty 1 TURMERIC This is the King of Spices when it comes to dealing with cancer diseases. SPICE UP YOUR 2 FENNEL Cancer cells have nothing but to accept defeat when the spice is fennel. China Garlic, chilies, onions, allspice, and oregano have all been proven to kill bacteria making food safer to consume. 3 SAFFRON Crocetin is the primary cancer fighting element that saffron contains. TURMERIC: Its anti-inflammatory agents combine to aid acne, reduce hyperpigmentation, brighten the skin and fight free radical damage (aka: wrinkle reducer!). Add a pinch of turmeric to your moisturizer or other treatment products. Indonesia 4 CUMIN Cumin seeds contain a compound called Thymoquinone that checks proliferation of cells responsible for prostate cancer. Pakistan CINNAMON: Mixing a little bit of cinnamon and honey together and dabbing it on zits is a home remedy to be reckoned with. Nigeria WORLD SPICE PRODUCTION TM Bangladesh GINGER: It has the ability to improve skin tone, fight blemishes and lighten age spots. You can rub thin slices of fresh ginger over clean skin, coating the entire face. Let it absorb for 20 minutes before rinsing off to a fresh, bright feeling. Vietnam 5 CINNAMON It takes not more than a half teaspoon of cinnamon powder everyday to keep cancer risk away. - Start your day with a cup of cinnamon tea. Ethiopia Mexico EVERY E COUNTS Others

The World of Spices

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Infographic about Indian spices used in day to day cooking and their health benefits.


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