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The World Dessert Atlas

THE WORLD DESSERT ATLAS A SWEET-TOOTH'S GUIDE AROUND THE WORLD DO YOU Seems like a redundant question, doesn't it? Unless you are an absolute killjoy of some sort, the vice of binging out on sugary goodness lives in each of our hearts. LIKE DESSERTS? DON'T BELIEVE ME? WELL, JUST LOOK AT THESE NUMBERS 25% Cake is the most 1 in 4 Brits regularly order dessert when eating out The UK ranked 6.5 in 10 Brits Women are 25% second (after Germany) based on sales value of occasionally order desserts while eating out gender neutral dessert accounting for 25% of all more likely than men to order dessert frozen desserts dessert orders SINCE 2007, BRITS HAVE BEEN INCREASINGLY SPENDING ON FROZEN DESSERTS. 659.71 661.44 687.65 689.42 704.77 506.9 529.89 597.24 621.85 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 THE NATIONAL CONFECTIONERS' ASSOCIATION CONDUCTED A SURVEY AND HERE ARE THE RESULTS Q1. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE TYPE OF DESSERT? Q2. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE FLAVOUR OF ICE CREAM? 11 22 32 9. 14 10 8 12 21 13 13 Cake - 32 Ice-Cream - 21 O Cup cakes – 12 O Chocolate - 22 O Vanilla - 14 O Strawberry - 13 Cookies - 10 Candy - 5 Other - 11 Blueberry - 13 Cherry - 8 Other - 30 Q3. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE TYPE OF PIE? Q4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE TYPE OF CAKE? 24 12 30 14 3 19 28 8 O Chocolate chip - 31 O Pumpkin - 28 O Cherry - 14 O Chocolate - 24 Cheesecake - 19 Vanilla - 9 Apple - 12 Blue-berry - 4 Pecan - 2 Other - 9 Red Velvet - 8 O Pineapple upside-down -5 Strawberry - 3 Other - 32 Q5. HAVE YOU EATEN THE FOLLOWING DESSERTS IN THE LAST 30 DAYS? O Men OWomen Combined 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Piechip Cheesecake Milkshake Ice Cream Chocolate Cookies Other Ice Brownies Fruit Ice Cream Cone cake Cream Cobbler/ Sundae desserts Crisp I guess we already have you weak in the knees with thoughts of caramel custards and ruhbarb pies. Well, lets up the ante and see what sugary delights people around the world are digging into. ON THE DESSERT TRAIL Суprus China Afganisthan Asabia el Aroos Soushouko - A slow Mantou - Steamed buns, cooked sweet deep fried and served (Bride's Fingers) - Slender, filo pastry crisps filled with a confection prepared with sweetened with flour, grape juice condensed milk, a and walnuts and mixture of sweetened popular Chinese dessert formed into long, rubbery twigs. and caramelized nuts, at home or on the street. similar to baklava. Lebannon India Laliya Libnan - A semolina pudding flavored with Gajar ka Halwa - A classic Indian dessert, made with grated carrots cooked in vanilla and clarified butter and condensed garnished with milk, flavored with green toasted coconut. cardamom and cinnamon. ASIA Japan Botamochi - A Turkey Kaymakli Kayisi - Dried apricots cooked in sugar seasonal speciality, prepared with cooked syrup, stuffed with local clotted cream sweet rice and azuki bean paste, formed and dusted with into balls. ground pistachio. Korea Kkultare (Korean Oman Court Cake) - A Halawet Ahmad - A confection prepared wrapping created with as many as 16,000 strands using a with butter, vermicelli, almond powder, Sri Lanka mixture of honey and maltose, stuffed with sweetened condensed Masoor Paak - A milk and grated, confection a sweet nut mixture. dessicated coconut. prepared with gram flour, clarified butter and Mongolia Boortsog - Deep fried triangular pieces of dough, analogous to cookies, eaten with Yemen sugar, flavored with cardamom Luqmat Al Qadhi - Bite size balls of fried powder. dough dipped in a syrup flavored with butter, honey or sugar. orange blossoms and lemon peels. Philippines Buchi - Rice flour Qatar Esh Asaraya - A traditional for of the dough balls with a sweet filling of red beans, mangoes, Tibet Vietnam classic bread Sikarni - Che Troi Nuoc - Balls purple yams, pudding flavored Sweetened yogurt, made from mung crusted with with rosewater and spiced with a bean paste, wrapped in a shell of glutinous sesame seeds and orange blossom mixture of deep fried. extract. cinnamon, rice flour served in a cardamom and thick, clear sugar syrup flavored with grated ginger roots. nutmeg, garnished with sliced almonds. Denmark Rødgrød med fløde - Sweetened, thickened red Russia United Kingdom Banoffee Pie - An English Pitchi Moloko (Bird's Milk Cake) - A light cake prepared by layering a thick slice of marshmellow on a sponge and covering it with dessert made from berry compote bananas, cream and toffee served with cream made from boiled or as a topping on condensed milklayered on a ice creams. chocolate. pastry or on crumbled biscuits and butter. Greece Diples - A delicacy from the Peloponnese, made of dough rolled into long thin strips, fried and folded in hot oil, Portugal Leite Creme - A very sweet dessert prepared with dipped in warm honey and sprinkled with chopped nuts. Germany Germknodel - A fluffy yeast cream, eggs and roasted sugar. dough dumpling, filled with a spicy plum jam, served with melted butter and poppy France Canele - A small pastry seeds and sugar sprinkled on with a soft and tender EUROPE top, sometimes served with vanilla cream sauce. custard center and a rich, dark and thick caramelized crust. Belarus Bulgaria Baked Apples - Fresh apples cored and stuffed with a mixture of sugar and Tikvenik - Traditional sweet filo pastry made with pumpkin, crushed walnuts, sugar, oil and slightly crushed cranberries and baked in a traditional brick oven. cinnamon. Haiti Duos Makos - A triple layer fudge with vanilla cream and chocolate, flavored with aniseed, nutmeg and cinnamon. United States Dominica Boston Cream Pie - It Pudin de Pan - A traditionally features layers of sponge cake and dense bread pudding made with a day old bread, rum, spices, raisins, condensed milk and vanilla custard brushed with coffee syrup with everything covered in chocolate ganache. eggs, served cold. Argentina Chocotorta - A cold cake prepared by alternately layering dark chocolate biscuits dipped in coffee, a traditional version of Bolivia Gelatina de Pata (Cow's Foot Jello) reduced sweetened milk and cream cheese. - A dessert prepared with gelatin extracted by boiling cow's feet and mixing it with sweetened condensed milk, set and served chilled with chopped caramelised nuts. Egypt Kunafa - A traditional Arabic dessert prepared during Ramdan, consists of noodles baked with cream, nuts and double cream. Morocco Baklava - A rich sweet pastry made of layered filo, filled with chopped nuts and held together using sugar and honey. Zimbabwe AFRICA Melktert - A product of colonial influence in Africa, a sweet pastry crust containing a creamy filling made from milk, flour, sugar and eggs. South Africa Amarula Malva Pudding - A sweet pudding prepared with apricot jam topped with a cream flavored with amarula, a local cream liqueur made from the fruits of the Elephant tree. New Zealand Pavlova - A maringue cake with a crisp crust, soft on the inside and topped with fruits and optionally, whipped cream. Sources: Vanilla Vallen CANE AND KITCHEN EOUIPMENT{food)

The World Dessert Atlas

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