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Wired (with Energy Drinks)

Am WIRED WM Study of Temple Students who tried energy drinks (N>50) People surveyed consumed energy drinks when 68% studying People who used energy drinks when partying |49% People who believed that energy drinks in 51% moderation were not harmful Bull People who consumed an average of 1-3 energy 86% am drinks a week monster People that preferred Red Bull to Amp, Five Hour 50% Energy on the basis of flavor The majority of college stu- dents consumed energy drinks for insufficient sleep Students who drink alcohol and |energy drinks together at parties 19% 54% 67% Figure 2 Table. Percentage of Emergency Department (ED) Visits Involving Energy Drink Combinations," by Age Group: 2004 to 2009 |Students who reported heart Aged 12 to 17** Aged 18 to 25 Aged 26 to 39 Aged 40 or Older palpitations resulting from ener- Energy Drink Combinations gy drink consumption Alcohol Combinations 5% 20% 17% 10% Ilicit Drug Combinations 13% 8% 5% ** Pharmaceutical Combinations 20% 30% 28% 21% :Visits involving energy drinks only are not shown. Because each visit may involve multiple drugs, the percentages may not add to the total. * The percentage for illicit drug combinations was suppressed for visits made by patients aged 12 to 17 because of low statistic twitter Aric Cummings @ARICCUMMINGS Im glad i have a #Monsterenergy to help jump start my day. 9h Suraj Montoute @Smontoute #monsterenergy My addiction! O View photo 14h 5ERGY Dylan Benroth @dylbenroth Ive never tweeted this much in my life, curse you #monsterenergy 20 Mar kyla anne @kylababy912 #redbull gives you wings :) no for real.feelin bettah already 6m Aaron Josiah Cloer @aaroncloer 9m I write better when I have coffee. Coffee beats #RedBull and 5 hour 27, 544,505 energy any day. And for all you libs out there - its all natural! Hannah Kraynak @eye_h8_ewe On bar tonight until close even though l'm super tired #redbull better help even though I dislike it 5m TJ Armstrong @thomasjames108 Work work that's all I do #5hourenergy 35m 15,167,833 Shira Wilson @shiraonsn @NotElicia #5HourEnergy is like concentrated adrenaline-you'll be awake but crazy..and the crash is HORRIBLE + In reply to NotElicia + Reply 13 Retweet * Favorite · Open 57,926 Ryan Mackman @rmackman 1h My #5HourEnergy only lasted an hour. I must really need sleep. Court-e-nayy @princesamonet @dariussanchez adderall and redbull lol 48m + In reply to Darius Sanchez 324,825 Meghan Lee @MeghanLOVElee I admire myself that I can study and focus without adderall. I know people actually need it but im glad i dont depend on it! 47m Sources: Social Media Created by Isaac Blaylock, Collin Mitchell, Gloria Angel, Iris Kapo Innovation Spring 2012 Social Media Innovation Adderall Red Bul chaser 5.hour ENERGY INERG Shoun ef energy now MONSTER aah katr :NEROV Sapar hne Cet carbs PERGI SLFFLEN:NT

Wired (with Energy Drinks)

shared by StevenLJohnson on Apr 01
With so many energy drink choices out there, which ones do college students prefer, how are they drinking them, and when are they drinking energy drinks? To find out, we compared several energy drinks...


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