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Wine Storage

Wine Storage HOW LONG SHOULD YOU STORE YOUR WINE? 7-10 5 3-5 YEARS YEARS YEARS CABERNET PINOT NOIR MERLOT SAUVIGNON 2-5 DRINK 2-3 ΥΕARS NOW YEARS ZINFANDEL BEAUJOLAIS CHARDONNAY 3-5 1-2 READY YEARS YEARS TO DRINK SAUVIGNON BLANC RIESLING & CHAMPAGNЕ PINOT GRIS MOST POPULAR WINE VARIETIES IN THE US WINES SOLD AT RETAIL 47% 40% 13% REDS WITES BLUSH 16% CABERNET OTHER 21% SAUVIGNON RIESLING 2% 15% CHARDONNAY PINOT GRIGIO/GRIS 3% SANGIOVESE 3% ZINFANDEL/ 10% PINOT NOIR 4% PRIMITIVO SAUVIGNON BLANC 4% SYRAH/SHIRAZ 5% 9% MERLOT CABERNET 8% SAUVIGNON BLENDS HOW TO STORE A GREAT WINE CONDITIONS OF THE STORAGE PLACE TEMPERATURE 52°/ 64°F HUMIDITY 60%/70% Choose a range: for instance 57 and keep it all year. Lower than 52°, the evolution is stopped,and over 64° it is sped Higher humidity promotes fungus development. Lower humidity affects the cork and evaporates the wine. up LIGHT VENTILATION AND SMELLS Do not expose the wine to the sunlight. Keep only the right and necessary lighting to Keep the place well aired to avoid bad odors and fungus development. It should be far from smells coming from the kitchen,or chemical and read the labels. cleaning products. BETTER TASTING WINE Sparkling Wine Light White Wines Serve between Serve between 45 - 48°F 45 - 50°F We Recommend: We Recommend: 8 45°F for Rosé I 45°F for Asti I 46°F for Cava 8 47°F for Sauvignon Blanc A 48°F for Pinot Grigio 47°F for Prosecco 48°F for Champagne 8 50°F for Riesling Full-Bodied White Wines Light Red Wines Serve between Serve between 50 - 55°F 55 - 60°F We Recommend: 8 55°F for Beaujolais We Recommend: I 50°F for Chablis 8 52°F for Chardonnay I 53°F for Viognier A 55°F for Montrachet I 56°F for Pinot Noir I 58°F for Barbera I 60°F for Grenache We Recommend: Full-Bodied Red Wines I 60°F for Malbec A 62°F for Merlot A 64°F for Cabernet Sauvignon A 65°F for Syrah Serve between 60 - 65°F WHAT TYPE OF WINE STORAGE IS RIGHT FOR YOU 画 WINE STORAGE FACILITY WINE RACK WINE CELLAR WINE STORAGE TIPS KEEP IT IN THE DARK. ISOLATE THE WINE Store all wines away from light, especially direct sunlight and fluorescent fixures. Don't store wine with anything that has a stong smell, it will taint the wine. STORE FOR THE RIGHT DON'T MOVE IT. AMOUNT OF TIME Any vibrations may negatively affect the wine. Most red wines need between 2-10 years to mature. Most wines should be consumed after 2-3 years of storage. VALI STORE CORKED WINE BOTTLES ON THEIR SIDES Helps prevent oxidation and with the label side up it's easier to spot any sediment that may have formed in the wine. Courtesy of: SOURCES:

Wine Storage

shared by storagelocator on Oct 26
Depending on the type of wine, storage can vary, not only where you store it by also hoe you store it. infographic shows you the proper way to do it.





wine storage


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