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Why Tipping is Better for Diners and Servers

WHY TIPPING IS BETTER FOR DINERS AND SERVERS Tipping practices vary in countries around the world. In some countries like the U.S., it is an expected part of the dining experience. In other countries, it is considered inappropriate to tip. The question is, does the tipping system offer more benefits to diners and servers than harm? Despite the reasons to eliminate tipping in the U.S., there are many good reasons for keeping the system too. Cammon Peasons to GET RID OF TIPPING Tipping is not Back-of-house staff Servers cannot Working for tips is necessarily based on does not benefit from depend on a stable, degrading, and forces performance. tipping. predictable income. servers into unfortunate situations with rude customers. Reasens la KEEP THE TIPPING SYSTEM While the reasons for getting rid of the tipping system are worth consideration, there are also several reasons to keep it. The following points are some of the main arguments used for keeping the tip- ping system that's been in place in the U.S. for so long: HIGHER INCENTIVES TO PROVIDE BETTER SERVICE Servers depend on tips for a large portion of their paychecks, so they have more motivation to provide the best service. This helps them earn more and reflects well on the restaurant. MORE OPPORTUNITIES TO WORK ON SOFT SKILLS Tipping gives serves the opportunity to develop soft skills like customer service and sales. These skills are critical to build a successful career in any field. INCREASED CHANCES TO MAKE MORE MONEY It's no secret that working in a restaurant isn't typically considered a way to earn a high income. If the tipping system disappeared, servers wouldn't have these opportunities to increase their overall earnings, which would limit their income. SERVERS CAN INCREASE THEIR EARNINGS WITH SIMPLE STRATEGIES: +17% Wearing something different [ransis (ueta +53% Introducing themselves by name +40% Telling a Joke Thank You +13% Writing "Thank You" on the check Is the Tipping System BETTER FOR DINERS AND SERVERS? The tipping system offers servers incentives to provide better service as well as opportunities to develop soft skills and earn more money. It also provides customers with a better dining experience when the server is engaged and motivated. In the end, tipping also helps restaurants increase their revenue by utilizing excellent, well-trained staff and providing guests an experience that will keep them coming back. The Menu Shoppe 1-888-222-7796 © Copyright 2016

Why Tipping is Better for Diners and Servers

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The concept of tipping has been the source of a lot of debate in recent years. While tipping has served to draw a lot of people to the service industry, it has also forced many servers to deal with th...


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