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Why grass fed beef is better for you

WHY GRASS FED BEEF IS BETTER FOR YOU Optimoz - BULLETPROOF Optimal Wellness | Peak Human Performance Grain feeding or finishing is common practice to fatten up cattle before slaughter. All Australian cattle eat their natural pasture diet at some stage during their lifetime. BUT GRASS FED/FINISHED BEEF HAS A MORE FAVOURABLE OMEGA (w) 6:3 RATIO. A healthy diet should consist of roughly 1-4 times more w-6 fatty acids than w-3 fatty acids (FA). w-3 w-6 A typical western diet contains 11-30 times more w-6 than w-3 and w-3 potentially contributes to inflammatory disorders/diseases. w-6 JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED. OMEGA (W) 3S "More Grass fed & finished beef shows a omega 3 fatty acid content." consistently higher concentration of w-3 FAS, thereby creating a more favourable w-6:3 ratio. W3 W3 W3 W3 W3 W3 W3 JL Grain fed Grass fed Effect of concentrate versus grass feeding on fatty acid composition of beef. CONJUGATED LINOLEIC ACIDS Grass Concentrate Conjugated linoleic acids (CLAS) act to reduce carcinogenesis, athero- sclerosis & onset of diabetes if 1.8 + 1.6 - consumed in sufficient quantities (this is not achieved by most people.) 1.4+ 1.2+ Diets rich in grass-fed ruminant species have been shown to produce 2-3 times more CLA than ruminants 0.8 + fed in confinement or high grain diets. 0.6+ 0.4+ 0.2 CLA CLA CLA CLA C18:3n-3 ÉPA DPA DHA C18:3n-3 = Linolenic acid EPA = Eilosapentaenoic acid DPA = Docosapentaenoic acid DHA = Docosahexaenoic acid Grain fed Grass fed JUST 7 DAYS OF GRAIN FEEDING NEGATES A LIFETIME OF PASTURE RAISING: GRASS FED BUTTER OIL IS BETTER C18:2 c-9, t-11 CLA C18:3 (alpha) Omega 3 cows off the pasture & fed againg 2.5+ 2.0+ 1.5+ cows went to the pasture 1.0+ 0.5- 0.0 10 14 20 22 24 26 28 3Б 40 Days Study shows the fatty acids variation in BUTTER OIL during the transition period from diet based on GRAIN to GREEN PASTURE. It takes approximately 26 days to archieve the maximum CLA and omega-3 in BUTTER OIL after cows are turned out to pasture. The CLA and Omega-3 in milk fat were back to the original level within 7 days after cows were off the pasture & fed grain diet. Reference Aguiar, G., T. R. Dhiman, A. L. Une, S. F. Porter, and L. L. Jeffs. 2004. Changes in milk fatty acids during transition of dairy cows from diet based on conserved forages and grain to pesture. J. Fairy Sci. 87 (Suppl. 1):341. VITAMIN A VITAMIN E Vitamin A is an essential vitamin required for vision, gene transcription, boosting immune function & skin health. Vitamin E protects cells against the effects of free radicals that may contribute to chronic disease. Pasture fed & finished steers incorporate 7X more beta carotene into muscle tissues as compared to grain-fed animals. Cattle finished on pasture produce 4X more Vit E in the final meat product than cattle fed high grain/ concentrate diets. Grain fed Grass fed Grain fed Grass fed GRASS FED & FINISHED BEEF IS 4X HIGHER IN VITAMIN E Vitamin E Grainfed Grainfed + Extra E Grassfed animal diet GLUTATHIONE SUPER OXIDE DISMUTATE (SOD) CATALASE (CAT) An antioxidant that quenches free radicals and protects cells from oxidised proteins and prevents damage to DNA. Grass only diets improve the SOD/CAT antioxidant concentration Because GT compounds are elevated in lush green forages, Grass fed & finished beef is particularly high in GT as compared to grain-fed contemporaries. in beef, protecting the muscle lipids against oxidation as well as providing you with an additional source of antioxidants. Grain fed Grass fed Grain fed Grass fed Research spanning 30 years supports grass-fed and finished beef having a more desirable SFA lipid profile vs grain-fed/finished beef. JOIN A COW SHARE Sydney | ACT | Southern Highlands | Wollongong | Newcastle | Central Coast Tasty, local grass-fed beef delivered to K COWSHARE your door! GRASS FED & FINISHED •NO ADDED HORMONES • ANTIBIOTIC-FREE • DRY-AGED Created by: Optimoz BULLETPROOF Optimal Wellness Peak Human Performance REFERENCES 1 2. agriculturetoday-stories/august-2009/right-tags- for-grass-fed-beef 6 conventional-meat-its-not-black-or-white 7. demystifying_beef pic/509-bulletproof-diet-grass-fed-butter- and-meat-in-australia 46864/ 6 part-1/ 9. news/media-releases/2013-- media-releases/steaking-out-the-truth.aspx mcg/gram of meat % of fat % of total fatty acids

Why grass fed beef is better for you

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What's the difference between grass fed and fatten up, grain fed cattle meat?


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