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Why did my Pyrex dish explode?

Why did my Pyrex dish explode? researches ethical, sustainable and durable products New Pyrex is made of different glass Original Pyrex is Borosilicate Glass Advertised as "ice-box to oven" bakeware New Pyrex is Tempered Soda-Lime Glass Comes with warnings about rapid temperature changes With new Pyrex, a cold dish from the fridge can shatter when put in a hot oven. This is due to thermal expansion that causes the hot dish to expand in size. Rapid cooling can also break new Pyrex. This is called thermal contraction. Old Pyrex recipes are unsafe with new Pyrex glass. How to spot shatter-proof Pyrex Check the logo on the packaging to identify the factory it came from PÝREX PYREX PYREX® pyrex PYREX Arc International (2005-NOW) J.A. Joblings (1922-2007) Made in England Borosilicate glass Corning Inc (1915-1998) Made in USA World Kitchen (1998-NOW) Made in USA Soda-Lime glass Made in France Borosilicate glass 1915-1980s Soda-Lime glass after 1980s Borosilicate glass 10 YEAR WARRANTY 2 YEAR WARRANTY Made in England Made in France Made in USA Available from For second-hand and No logo or vintage Pyrex vintage Pyrex look for the "Made in .." mark !J Shatter Proof New Pyrex Comparison between new and old Pyrex Cheaper to produce More expensive to produce Slightly higher impact strength Lasts a lifetime New Pyrex vs. ( Original Pyrex Laboratory glass Blueish tint Breaks into sharper and larger pieces Shatters into less sharp pieces Borosilicate glass Shatters with rapid temperature" changes like normal glass Tempered Soda-Lime glass Withstands rapid temperature changes Old Pyrex recipes are unsafe when cooking with new Pyrex How to buy original Pyrex When buying new, look for the logo with PYREX in uppercase When buying online, visit When buying vintage, check the factory guide above Buy PYREX it once Note: Original Pyrex is very hard to find outside Europe. Copyright 2015 Buy It Once. and this infographic are neither endorsed, nor sponsored by, nor affiliated with Arc International, World Kitchen, Corning Incorporated, or J.A. Joblings. PYREX is registered trademark of Corning Incorporated and is used for illustrative purposes only.

Why did my Pyrex dish explode?

shared by buyitonce on Sep 27
Infographic that explains the differences between the types of glass being used to manufacture Pyrex. In the USA Pyrex is made with Soda-Lime glass, in France Pyrex is made with Borosilicate glass. Py...


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