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Why Cook with Alcohol?

SPIRĪTED MENU WHY DO CHEFS COOK WITH ALCOHOL, ANYWAY? FAR The main reason is flavor, as fermentation Many common cooking extracts, Such as vanilla, are actually intensifies and concentrates the taste of its base ingredient, infusing the dish with its essence. alcoholbased themselves. Works to tenderize It chemically reacts Can leaven breads and baked goods For dramatic presentations, Such as flambés with certain foods to release natural flavors some meats OF COURSE, YOU CAN ALWAYS JUST DRINK IT As you probably already know, pairing food with the right alcoholic drink is a complete art form in and of itself. When figuring out what drink to serve with what food, consider these ideas: Do you want to complement or contrast the flavor Acidity in a drink can Carbonation can offset rich foods. clean the palate. of your dish? APPETIZERS For your starting course, it's hard to beat a classic wine and cheese pairing. Obviously you will not be cooking with this wine ... or cooking at all. Shop for your favorite cheeses and follow these simple starting guidelines: Soft, pungent cheeses Hard, milder cheeses with white wines. with red wines. Once you have those basics down, experiment with specific favorites. Sweeter white wines Champagne is a good pairing for stronger cheeses, too. are more versatile SWEET than dry ones. ENTREE Just about any meat can be prepared with alcohol using methods ranging from marinating to glazing. Consider these alternatives: Wine is far and away the Tequila Вer Bourbon most popular choice for cooking, but you can get quite creative! Champagne Amaretto SIDES Don't leave out the veggies; they could use a dose of "sauce" as well! Try adding some 'spirits' to your dips as well! An easy and delicious method: alcohol-based glazes. DESSERT Ah yes, how sweet it is – the use of alcohol in a delightful dessert. The classic standard is cherries jubilee, which lights up the party with a brandy-based flambé show. But you can incorporate it into other treats as well. Kick up lemon Add champagne or wine to fruit compote. Bourbon works well with rich desserts with caramel dishes. limoncello. Sweet potions work well in this de- Jazz up choco- late with coffee, partment, as you probably can guess. orange or Kahlua "liqueurs". Hopefully there is enough room left for a digestif. Enjoy! Source: NATIONS LEADNG AWENT Souna

Why Cook with Alcohol?

shared by archaznable01 on Mar 22
We all know alcohol is great for drinking and can easily help turn even the most boring gathering to wild party. Its true power lies in its ability to interact with foods, but its often underestimated...




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