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What's Your Wine Personality?

WHAT'S YOUR WINE PERSONALITY? Though a picture may be worth a thousand words, a bottle of wine can bring friendship, comfort, despair, or quite simply: a good time. In this infographic, we investigate the personality types that seem to be drawn to specific types of wine. The NEWCOMER The Newcomer is the daughter of the hosts, recently turned 21, and is home from college on break. The Newcomer is tired of the unsophisticated, collegiate manner of consuming wine. Drinking her parents' wine is a learning opportunity. НOP Hobbies Age: 21.25 Adding/ dropping classes Cramming for tests Оссираtion: Student Drink of Choice: Merlot Applying to study-abroad programs The ASPIRING CONNOISSEUR The Aspiring Connoisseur knows one thing for sure: one day, she will know more about wine than anyone else. Daughter of the hosts and older sister of The Newcomer. Selected the wines for the party based on a tremendous amount of research. Considers educating "A labor of love." Hobbies Roté Apologizing for being "way too busy." Age: 26 Оссираtion: High School Grading papers Teacher H Going to the gym Heart signs Drink of Choice: Rosé The BEER DRINKER The Beer Drinker would prefer not to be at this wine tasting. His girlfriend said he could golf with the guys on Sunday if he came to the party. His typical plans for a Friday Night include: sports, lite beer, and video games. Repeat as needed. Hobbies Age: 30 Giving advice (even though he shouldn't) Bubbly Tailgating Оссирation: Associate Attorney Drink of Choice: Wakeboarding/snowboarding Sparkling Wine The SUBURBANITE The official host of the party. Her husband is playing golf in another state. She is also mother to the Newcomer and the Aspiring Connoisseur. Her typical plans for a friday night include wine and scrapbooks. Spritzer Hobbies Matchmaking (Target #1: The Newcomer and The Young Professional) Age: 51 Оссираtion: Brunch Drink of Choice: Realtor Chardonnay S British Television Dramas Couponing with a dash of Sprite and 3 ice cubes The MOST INTERESTING WOMAN IN THE WORLD The Most Interesting Woman in the World brought a bottle of wine she helped produce somewhere in Patagonia. She will calmly inform the Beer Drinker, "Patagonia isn't just a store." Hobbies Age: 41 Оссираtion: Lawyer/Writer fabemet Sarignon Being naturally talented and stunningly beautiful Traveling Telling tales so astounding that they can't possibly be true (but you know they probably are) Drink of Choice: Cabernet Sauvignon The YOUNG PROFESSIONAL He usually works late. His typical Fridays and weekends consist of collaborating on a screenplay or writing music. Hobbies Comb-overs and Working late facial hair Age: 25 Оссираtion: Bands/Movies/Restaurants you haven't heard of Writer Drink of Choice: Pinot Noir The COLLEGE PROFESSOR A barely-tolerated neighbor of the hosts, no one at the party is sure how the College Professor got an invite. Most of the time he invites himself to parties. He is also very conservative as he dislikes technology and liberals. Hobbies Age: 73 Оссираtion: Ranting about "The Summer of Love" Lecturing "Hipsters" Semi-Retired Professor of Drink of Choice: Incorrectly Recounting Names and Dates Business The Country Club Dessert Wine Administration ONEHOPE

What's Your Wine Personality?

shared by katiebozich on Feb 22
Wine is a truly diverse drink with as many flavors and variations as you can imagine. It makes sense that one person's favorite red may taste bitter and dry to another. This infographic looks at wine ...




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