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What's in YOUR vending machine?

What's In Your Vending Machine? CRUNCHY SNACKS THEIRS CHOCOLATE BARS CARBONATED DRINKS COOKIES FRESH PRODUCE OURS OURS THEIRS OURS THEIRS OURS THEIRS OURS THEIRS Stict Lays Del Monte) Del monte Stacy's Simply Lay's Classic Naked Pita Clif Bar- Snickers Bar FLAV Coca-Cola Buzz Strong's Peanut Butter Peanut Butter Mrs. Fields DEL MONTE- DEL MONTE- None Potato Chips Pineapple Chunks Vegetable Medley w/ Lite Ranch Dip Pineapple Crunchy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chips Cookie Cookie Serving Size 1 oz 1 oz 1 bar 1 bar 12 oz 12 oz 1 cookie 1 cookie 1/2 cup 100g n/a Calories 130 150 240 280 80 140 200 310 70 60 n/a Calories from Fat 45 90 60 127 60 144 35 п/а Total Fat 5g 10g 7g 14g Og Og 6g 16g Og 4g п/a 0.5g 1g 1.5g Og Og Og 8g Og Og n/a Saturated Fat 5g g Cholesterol Omg Omg Omg 8mg Omg Omg 15mg 45mg Omg 5mg n/a Sodium 270mg 180mg 200mg 145mg Omg 45mg 200mg 260mg 10mg 210mg n/a Total l 19g 15g 41g 36g 21g 39g 16g 18g 15g 4g п/a Carbohydrates Dietary Fiber Og 1g 1g 5g 1g Og 3g 1g 1g 1g п/а Sugars less than 1g Og 21g 30g 20g 39g 16g 18g 15g 4g n/a Protein 2g 10g Og Og 6g Og n/a 1g Stacy's Simply Naked Pita Chips Clif Bar-Crunchy Peanut Butter FLAV Pineapple contains no Buzz Strong's Peanut Butter Individually packaged fresh fruit are made from all natural pita; Chocolate contains whole, artificial coloring, no caffeine; Cookie is all natural; meets and fresh vegetables 3g 4g 5g half the fat and calories of Lay's organic ingredients; 5x the fiber fewer calories; less sugar, school guidelines; 1/3 less & more than double the protein sodium & carbohydrates than calories & less than half the fat; more fiber & protein than Mrs. Fields Peanut Butter Cookie Key Differences Classic Chips; baked not fried of a Snickers with half the fat Coca-Cola - Key Nutritional Differences As seen on end Heatty and Orgaric Snack Better. Live Better.

What's in YOUR vending machine?

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Nutritional information comparison of common vending food items. From a company that specializes in the vending business focusing on healthy food items.


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