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What's Your Poison?

Restaurant type British Other cuisines Salmonelta Typhimurium - 29 Italian Indian Clostridium pertringens - 35 Continental/European 60 - Rice American Chinese Campyiobacter spp 37 Sandwich bar 47 - Red meat Seafood 41 - Desserts cakes and confectionery Foodbome vinuses- 40 37 - Finfish What's your Poison? Bacilus spp. -44 Restaurant-associated foodborne outbreaks 35 - Eggs and egg dishes reported in England and Wales from 1992 to 2009 Not known 45 28 - Vegetables and fruit 000000o poojeas poojeas Other pathogen /toxin - 65 Sandwich ba 00000 osaujup 21- Condiments and snacks Sandwich ba asauso American American Continental/European 6- Milk and dairy products ueput Salmonella Enteritidis PT4 - 127 Continental /European Uppus 4- Other foods Other cuisines Other cuisines British souIsno ao Saimonella Enteritidis non-PT4 - 136 Restaurant type Restaurant type Outbreaks by.. Contributing factor Outbreaks: 10 20 40 B0 *"Other cuisine' includes: French, Greek, Spanish, Mexican. Thai, Japanese, Danish, kebab, vegetarian and mixed cuisines. Created by infogre for The Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards' mini-chalenge: food posoning. February 2015. Deta source: http://btlytzNNCo4 Wogr8 Mixed pathogena 64-Raw egg shell used in lightly cooked food TEC OIS7- Other Salmonella sop - 19 61- Crustacean and shelfich Scombrotoxin 24 n/taxin

What's Your Poison?

shared by infogr8 on Sep 15
In this work, the team used data gathered in England and Wales, between 1992 and 2009, to graphically represent the cause of food poisoning and the most affected food with the outer ring representing ...


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