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What's in that Ice Cream?

WHAT'S Rat ICE CREAM? ....... www.... TRUTH UNCENSORED superpremium ike cream contalns ccenomy lr creae contains 2 BILLION whey (leftover milk proteins and curdled milk waste), con syrup calcium sulfate (also known as plaster). polyglycerol monostearate (low-grade glycerin used in cosmetics), magnesium hydroxide (used in deodorants), edible bone phosphate Iground up cream, milk, egg. sugar, vanilla gallons of ice cream produced annually in the United States of (are you waiting for more ingredientsn America delicious canilla ice cream delicious canilla ice cream Seny utherel animal carcass), and more: up to 200 + additives annual exports of ice cream with sales of over $63 million: Mexico Canada, and the Caribbean are the annual vending machine sales of "frozen novelties, ice cream-like of American households purchase ice 60,000 metric tons $886 million 90% cream on a products that have little or no dary content regular basis largest buyers induatry & gecernndfined prads of ke cham Mrangel addiies Jeund lewer qualily kr cram idaa E120 red food coloring made from crushed beetles SUPERPREMIUM best quality ingredients, less air, more ice cream, little or no additives, highest cost ES04 "confectioner's sugar" coating on sprinkles and hard candies made from beetle excrement ESTO & ES20 PREMIUM refered to as lcysteine & -cysteine hydrochloride, used especially to keep ice cream soft: commercially produced from animal hair, human hair, higher quality ingredients. some additives, higher cost and duck f ait, and duck feathers ... -POLYSORBATES 65 & 80 used to provide texture in ice cream with little dairy and keep oils from separating in artificial whipped creams known to cause infertility and REGULAR ingredients in accordance with federal minimum standards, additives used, additives sometimes marketed as a "healthy" option, moderately priced cancers . -CELLULOSE GUM ECONOMY : dessert product that may or may not contain dairy. contains large amounts of air, synthetic additives, animal, vegetable, and human sourced byproducts, low cost provides thickness in commercially produced toppings and sauces also used in paints, laxatives, and personal lubricants lce Cream consists of a mixture of dairy ingredients such as milk and nonfat milk, and ingredients for sweetening and lavoring, such as fruits, nuts and chocolate chips. May contain "functional ingredients" (additives, but must contain at least 10 milkfat and weigh 4.5 Ibs/gal. industry definitions of ice cream Geleto is characterized by an intense favor and is served in a semi-frozen state that is similar to "soft serve" ice cream. Italian-style gelato is more dense than ice cream, since it has less air in the product. French Ice Cream (also called frozen custard) must also contain a minimum of 10% milkfat, as well as at least 1.4 N egg yolk solids. Novelties are separately packaged single servings of a frozen dessert - including ice cream sandwiches and sticks - that may or may not contain dairy ingredients. SOURCES: Internetienal Deiry Foods Assecianien Feodaries: the Online Feed Diery ( E-Codes (resepnegraha.neti. "kor Corem Sales: No Sign af e Double Bg: IME Megarine ( 2005S2,00.htm: Additive," (lalras.ce) ofographie by Niaptar Tw.compta

What's in that Ice Cream?

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This infographic provides statistical information for ice cream sales, creation, and consumerism.


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