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What is Your Wine

The Cabernet Whatis Your Wine The Merlot There's a mystical side to you, slightly mischievous, but that only makes you the life of the party. The fact that we con't really know everything about oll the you makes S you more You're bold and you're strong, but with a warm side that only comes out once we've gotten to know you. Same goes that Find out how you fit in with the Texas Wine Personality Profile. for t bone-dry sense of If your favorite wine listed here does humor. It's no wonder the sophisticated set loves you-not that you care. You're difficult. You're demanding. intriguing. I's just so nail you down-sometimes hove in cozy little settings where come to relax and enjoy the The Riesling you're subtle, other times you're adventurous. Ever listen to somebody describe not accurately reflect your particular to open up and share your secrets. But we don't mind going to a litle extra effort. a wine? They talk about it having personality, please choose another Still waters run deep. No, you're not "character" and "personality." favorite wine (or change your To hear them tell it, wines personality-otherwise, are a lot like people. We've you'll make our researchers talked it over and came to look bad). a conclusion - they have it Texas Wine So what are you? backwards. People are a lot A Cabernet? like wines. A Merlot? Almost without exception, A Pinot? individual wines have spe- Hey there, Sweetie. Find out by checking cific, defining characteristics hean EVERYBODY-likes you our wine-personality r they choose to admit it ith royalty anytime s0on, but that's something absolutely pure about you. And while you seem lighthearted, there is a certain that perfectly describe It's hard to describe profiles-and feel free to Oh, you're a charmer. You've got a touch of old Europe in you, but not the part we see in the movies. You're more real. We understand, you're not trying to be cool-it's just the way you are. You're from Texas, right? We knew it the minute you came in, There's just a trace of that delightful accent. It makes those who consume them. a label on it, we'd say that visit Here at the Viticultural K. And then there's for a sneak peek at the amazing you a litle spicy. that slighdly southern way you t yourself-cultured without Personality Institute, we've present being pretentious. Nobody can accuse you of not being completely down-to-earth. array of Texas wines. compiled a fun list of personality The Chardonnay types based on wine preferences. The Blanc du Bois (For Entertainment Purposes Only. Please do not submit The Chenin Blanc as your psychology thesis.) II 12 The Pinot Noir There's no getting around it. But oh, oh, oh, so worth it. You're the kind who has to have things just "so" before you're willing The Muscat Cannelli There's just o of course. destribe you- Sweehat, but here's no de ha aderisne the showy type. You're a little more reserved. You're the perfect friend to nobody has to speak, they just moment. You're comfortable, and yet-you still surprise Us now and then one word to that makes you, well, yo re deeper tha's the overwhelming you're no lightweight. u. Qutsid, much fun ba ou re hovine verybody okely boring walk into a ress your self. The Port Look at you, Smooth room, you glid leek you don't ha anything tion, but Operator. You are you, but if we had to put you're totally, completely. heartwarmingly pristine. There's he right plac W's true, you moke na etho You know who you pre-the toast or iele that ou're boisterous The Gewurtztraminer 1oyous-and you nte Veat motto? Lite ot course to be a walloer f thot there's no dange happening to you. light up a The Shiraz No need to put on airs, you're exactly what you seem to be and everybody-I elegance in the way you hold yourself. or not). Oh, you're not likely to dine their loss. You have a good heart. The Blush

What is Your Wine

shared by judithgold on Dec 28
People describe their favorite wine like it has a personality, but what if you're choosing a wine based on your personality. This infographic is a wine wheel that shows what your favorite wine says ab...


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