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What You Need To Know About Truffles

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT Truffle's ORIGINS Renaissance Period Louis XIV's reign saved them from obscurity; hence, the truffles' comeback. Greeks & Romans used truffles for therapeutic purposes. The word "truffl e" comes from the Latin word tuber, which means outgrowth. Ancient Egyptians held truffles in high esteem. Middle Ages Truffles were labeled "The Witch's Fares." People feared them, which led to truffles' disappearance. Mid-1800s Truffles experienced its largest production - with 2,000 tons appearing throughout Europe. Today, truffles are hailed as "The Diamonds of the Gourmet World" And grow on tree Truffles are not chocolates. Truffles are That look like distorted a type of They're edible, yes, but they're not the fancy chocolate with a ganache center. The only way they can be harvested is through the help of animals like dogs and pigs -- thanks to their heightened sense of smell. They're a bit challenging to grow, cultivate, and are highly seasonal - which explains why truffle prices are high. Among the popular ones are: They grow in forested areas of: Black Perigord of France • Has long-lasting aroma & flavor • Best for cooked dishes • Delicious on eggs & snacks like popcorn EUROPE $850 NORTH AMERICA MIDDLE EAST NORTH per pound or more AFRICA $2500 per pound or more Uhite Winter Truffle of Jlaly • Aroma tends to fade quickly • Best eaten fresh • Works well sliced/shaved over risotto, pasta or cheese piza Very few culinary experiences can match the taste of fresh truffles! Wine and truffles make a perfect pair! However, this greatly depends on personal taste, the type of dish prepared, and the kind of truffle used. Some truffle lovers say that earthy red wines make excellent choices. They're good for you, too! With truffles, you can enjoy your favorite dishes knowing they're full of antioxidants and have some fiber in them. Ready to get digging? LET'S TRUFFLE IT TO SUSAN'S ORCHARD! Jo learn more about trufples, visit

What You Need To Know About Truffles

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Some people think truffles are made of chocolate. What they really are is a type of mushroom. Truffles are diamonds of the gourmet world, and for a few very good reasons. They are quite challenging to...


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