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What Is Paleo? [Infographic]

what is a PALEO DIET and why should I try it? The PALEO DIET, also known as the caveman diet, focuses on eating naturally like our hunter-gatherer ancestors did millions of years ago during the Paleolithic era. THE THEORY: Our bodies never adapted to the grain-based diet we began consuming after the agricultural revolution. Instead, we should eat PLANTS and ANIMALS like our ancestors. unfortunetly, that means cutting out foods we love... FOOD YOU CAN'T EAT FOOD YOU CAN EAT 100% ORGANIC FAMILY FARM PALEO focuses on... MORE fiber MORE protein MORE good fats LESS carbohydrates LESS trans fats LESS sugar don't worry, you can still have your Coffee (we'd never take that away from you) WHY SUGAR STINKS ADDED SUGAR and other processed junk turns you into an ADDICT. Some even say it's as addiitive as cocaine. In fact, when cutting it out, you'll likely go through WITHDRAWLS. Sounds tough, right? It is. No lies here my friend. but the rewards are HUGE MORE ENERGY BETTER EATING HABITS WEIGHT LOSS OTHER BENEFITS INCLUDE: reduce allergies anti-inflammatory better skin • more restful sleep stabilize blood sugar You'll cleanse your body of processed foods Your taste buds will change You'll fix your negative food rituals PALEO is NOT just a DIET It's the path to a better relationship with your food (because bread is like a jealous ex lover) YOU CAN DO THIS! Give it a try and see how EATING PALEO can change your life! infographic crated by Life Health HQ ( Made with graphics from: and «<<

What Is Paleo? [Infographic]

shared by lifehealthhq on Jul 14
We put together an infographic detailing paleo eating and why it's a great diet that naturally benefits humans.



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