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What Happens When You Drink a Cup of Coffee

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DRINK A CUP OF Coffe COFFEE IS FANTASTIC - there's no denying that It's the world's most popular beverage after water. But do you ever wonder why exactly coffee makes you feel so good? Here's a timeline to show you what happens. 10 MINUTES - ENTERING THE BLOODSTREAM Caffeine enters the bloodstream and heart rate and blood pressure begin to rise. From 10 mins to 90 minutes caffeine can reduce some effects of alcohol. 20 MINUTES - BECOMING MORE ALERT Start to feel more alert, increased concentration and ability to solve problems more easily. This can continue for up to 10 hours. Reduced risk of cognitive failures (forgetting where your keys are or making wrong decisions] 30 MINUTES - INCREASED ATHLETIC ABILITY Increases in the concentration of serotonin improve motor neurone efficiency making your muscles more efficient Increases in adrenaline slow down the onset of fatigue and increase energy UP TO 4 HOURS - FAT BURNING After 50mg of coffee the body increases energy expenditure even when sitting down, meaning you could be burning fat doing nothing UP TO 6 HOURS - FEELING GOOD Decrease in anxiety, increased feelings of inertia and contentment 2-12 hours - BACK TO NORMALITY NORMAL Coffee can take anywhere between 2 – 12 hours to start wearing off and can depend on a number of factors including age and caffeine sensitivity 12-24 hours - WITHDRAWAL Cofee Colfee le Coffee 6olle Coffee "Coffe If you consume caffeine on a regular basis, you could start experiencing withdrawal symptoms around 18 hours after the last dose. This can last anywhere between 2 to 9 days. 'map Italian coffee

What Happens When You Drink a Cup of Coffee

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Do you ever wonder why exactly coffee makes you feel so good? Find out now!!!


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