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What Food Looks Like around the World

What Food Loske Like | | Around the World The world has many different cuisines to offer but what are the key ingredients for each? Find out everything you could possibly need to know about cooking some of the world's most popular cuisines. FRENCH Key Ingredients Popular Dishes Cheese Garlic Leek Boeuf Fondue Confit Bourguignon Savoyarde de Canard Onion Herbs de Provence Red wine TOP FRENCH C0OKING TECHNIQUES JULIENNE To julienne (pronour "joo-lee-en") is to cut food into long, skinny strips, similar to matchsticks. This method is often used with carrots and potatoes. EN PAPILLOTE En papillote (pronounced "ahn pah-pee-yoht") means "in parchment." It's as simple as it sounds – food is put into a folded pouch (typically made from folded parchment paper) and baked. ITALIAN Key Ingredients Popular Dishes Pasta Olive oil Garlic Ravioli Pizza Bolognese/meatballs Parmesan Oregano Tomatoes TOP ITALIAN COOKING TECHNIQUES SAUTÉING Sautéing means frying quickly in a little hot fat. Many Italian dishes begin with a sauté of chopped aromatic vegetables in olive oil. ROASTING AND GRILLING High, dry heat cooks many Italian dishes. Tender cuts of meat are usually grilled, while larger or tougher cuts are cooked in a hot oven. Vegetables are also cooked in this way, for example, roasted red peppers. MEXICAN Key Ingredients Popular Dishes Corn Beans Rice Enchiladas Chilaquiles Pozole Chilli Peppers Tomatillo Coriander Leaves TOP MEXICAN COOKING TECHNIQUES GRILLING Grilling is a very common method used in Mexican cooking. It effectively enhances the flavours in Mexican dishes and is used in dishes such as Carne Asada and Fajitas. STEWING Various Mexican dishes are made using different forms of meat, poultry, and vegetables. They are cooked separately and then added to the traditional sauces, called mole and pipian. INDIAN Key Ingredients Popular Dishes Red Chilli Peppers Lentils Rice Lamb rogan josh Butter chicken Dal makhani Cumin Turmeric Chutney TOP INDIAN COOKING TECHNIQUES BHUNO Bhuno is a combination of sautéing, stir frying and stewing. It is usually not a complete process but it helps to prepare a dish. DUM-PUKTH Dum literally means "steam" and is a method of cooking food on very low flame, with the help of steam entrapped in a sealed container. This method is typically used for rice dishes such as biryanis. SPANISH Key Ingredients Popular Dishes Potato Garlic Saffron Tortilla Española (Spanish Omelette) Paella Tapas Tomatoes Onion Peppers TOP SPANISH COOKING TECHNIQUES COCIDO Cocido refers to stewing and is a popular method of cooking in Spain. Cocido Madrileño is probably the most representative dish of Madrid's cuisine. It is a chickpea stew with different pork meat and sausages. A LA PARILLA A la Parilla means "charcoal grilled". It is a method commonly used in Spanish cooking in dishes such as Cordero a la Parilla, or barbequed or charcoal-grilled lamb. THAI Key Ingredients Popular Dishes Noodles Fish Souce Rice Phat Thai Thai red curry Tom Yam Corianders Lemongrass Chilli Pappers TOP THAI COOKING TECHNIQUES STIR-FRYING This technique requires a wok or a big skillet, paired with a spatula. To stir fry Thai dishes, add cooking oil while heating up the skillet, add prepared ingredients and stir quickly to cook through. DEEP FRYING A lot of Thai appetizers and Thai fish recipes are cooked by deep frying. This method involves using a large amount of oil in a deep pan. LAKESHORE CONVENTION CENTRE References: ..............

What Food Looks Like around the World

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This Info graphic provides an interesting insight into some of the most popular cuisines in the world, from French food to Mexican food and more. Find out what are the key cooking ingredients of each,...




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