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What is artisan cheese

What is Artisan Cheese? Cheese that is made in small batches with the cheesemaker's very own hands Cheese that is given plenty of care and attention, unlike mass-produced cheese that comes from pushing a series of buttons on large machines. Cheese that doesn't use artificial ingredients, flavor additives, or preservatives. Artisan cheese is made with exper tise and heart, Made on farms and small creameries, not mašsive production plants and automated factories. CATEGORY OF CHEESE FRESH CHEESE BLOOMY RIND CHEESE Moist, soft, mild, delicate, tangy flavor. Velvety texture, downy white to golden-red in color, smooth buttery taste. WASHED RIND CHEESE BLEU CHEESE Orange-red shiny, damp exterior, power ful aroma, rinds washed with brine, wine, beer, brandy, or cider. Marbled with bluish-green veins, crumbly to creamy textures, complex, piquant flavor. SEMI-HARD CHEESE HARD CHEESE Aged for several months, thick, grey rinds, springy to firm texture, round, full-bodied flavors. Solid, slightly crumbly texture to dense, flaky, granular consistency, complex flavors with nutty, spicy tastes. CHEESE BY MILK IYPE COW Most carotene, which gives cheese its yellow color, earthy flavor. SHEEP More fat and protein than cow's milk, richer, nutty and sweet flavor. GOAT Less lactose, easier to digest, stark white color, tangy flavor. BUFFALO Considered by some to be the best flavor and quality. CHEESE BY REGION FRANCE The cheese capital with over 1,000 different cheeses across 21 classical regions. POPULAR CHEESES Comte Camembert Epoisses Brie de Meaux Roquefort ITALY Known for the amount of cheese it produces. Nearly 3x more Italian cheeses than French Cheeses are imported to the U.S. POPULAR CHEESES: Asiago Parmigiano-Reggiano Pecorino Romano Gorgonzola Mozzarella Provolone Ricotta Taleggio SWITZERLAND All Swiss cheeses are "mountain cheeses," usually made from raw cow's milk. POPULAR CHEESES Gruyere Emmental Appenzellar THE BRITISH ISLES England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland are known for rich, fertile pastures where Farmhouse cheese are made. POPULAR CHEESES Cheddar Chesire Shropshire Blue Stilton SPAIN Produces more than 60 tupes of cheeses. POPULAR CHEESES Manchego Mahon U.S.A. Most U.S. cheeses are adaptations of European originals; the U.S.'s fertile green pastures, rich soil, and relatively mild climates contribute to the rapidly growing artisanal cheesemaking occurring today. POPULAR CHEESES Jach Colby Brich NETHERLANDS This small, densely populated country, is the world's largest exporter of cheese and but ter. POPULAR CHEESES: Edam Gouda HOW IS ARTISAN CHEESE MADE? Fresh, homemade cheese can be made rather easily. These are the steps for a basle farmers cheese or fromageblanc: > STEP 1 Bail a gallon of milk (preferably whole from pastured cows) so that small bubbles form around the edge of the pot. STEP Z Add an acid to the milk (1/2 cup of buttermilk makes for a milkier cheese, or 2 tbsp. of lemon juice or distilled white vinegar). 11 12 CUP Or BUITERMILK 2 TOSP. LEMON JUICE 2 TISP. VINEGAN » STEP 3 Tahe the milk off the heat and let the acid curdle it. The curds (chunks of cheese) and whey (remaining liquid from the milk) should fully separate. Depending on the milk, the acid, and the temperature, this will take between 10 and 20 minutes. STE? 4 Line a colander or strainer with a double layer of cheesecloth or a clean kitchen towel and set it over a large bowl. After milk has divided, pour the curds and whey into the waiting lined strainer. STEP 5 Make sure the curds sit above the strained off whey so any additional liquid can drain of f fully. Feel free to lift up the cheesecloth or towel and squeeze out more liquid if you want firmer cheese. STEP 6 Transfer the cheese to a bowl or plate. Add salt or herbs, if you like. Store fresh cheese covered and chilled. The flavor is at its best right af ter making, but fresh homemade cheese heeps for up to a week just fine. OChef Works Sources: http://localf

What is artisan cheese

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This infographic by Chefworks gives a low down on what is artisan cheese, different types of it and how to easily prepare one at home.


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