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FOOD CHOICES FOR SUCCESS: SUPPORTING GOOD FOOD FOR ALL ACADEMIC AND ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE WATER O O O If you are dehydrated, your body and performance suffer. Here is what you need to know to stay hydrated and score an A on the exam or a basket on the court. DEHYDRATION IS NOT YOUR FRIEND Your body loses water by sweating, breathing and getting rid of waste. If you lose more fluid than you take in, you can get dehydrated. H0000 SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF DEHYDRATION Dehydration means decreased concentration, cramping, nausea and headaches and more. Thirst Dry lips and mouth Flushed skin Tiredness Irritability Headache Dark, strong smelling urine STAY HYDRATED Staying hydrated helps maintain good health and sustain energy levels. Aids digestion Controls body temperature Cushions organs Carries nutrients and joints throughout your body Gets rid of waste Keeps bowels regular TO KEEP YOUR BODY HYDRATED, AIM TO DRINK: 11011 Boys 14-19 years old: 3L or 12 cups* Girls 14-19 years old: 2.2L or 9 cups Water is one of the best fluid choices for hydrating CWDHS STUDENTS School-wide Nutrition and Food Culture Survey - November 2014. Conducted by D. Ballantyne and class. JUICE COLA 35% 40% 60% 95% consume caffeinated drinks each day feel thirsty daily normally choose bottled consume some water over tap water juice each day Sources: Dietitians of Canada, | Health & Performance Centre, Heidi Smith. | Nutrition Action Healthletter, CENTRE WELLINGTON District High School UPPER GRAND DISTRICT BGHOOL BOARD Ceny Welindan


shared by KAPdesign on Apr 30
'Water' is one of five infographics created for the 2015 Good Food For All Conference hosted by Center Wellington District High School to educate students about food choices and the effects on academi...


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