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Vegetarianism in the United States

Vegetarianism in the United States HUMANE RESEARCH COUNCIL INSIGHT FOR EFFECTIVE ANIMAL ADVOCACY HRC What percent of the population is vegetarian/vegan? Who is reducing their meat consumption? Why do people avoid vegetarianism? 1-3% • taste • beliefs about getting enough nutrition • convenience • social barriers (like friends and family) actual vegetarians Mast meat reduction is coming from part-time vegetarians. 13% of U.S. adults eat meat with less 26% We still eat more meat than half of meals per person here than in almost any other country on the planet. Only the Luxembourgers eat more meat than we do. 3-6% 270.7 have reduced how muah those who describe pounds per person a year source: HRC meat they themselves as vegetarian consume Vs. source: HRC lastyear How often do U.S. adults eat vegetarian meals? 7% One meal per week Why do people choose a vegetarian/vegan diet? 7% One day per week Reasons for Not Eating Meat Primary Contributory 15% Many of your meals, but less than 7% To reduce suffering of animals on farms half the time 30% 55% 14% More than half your meals, but not all the time 15% To eat a healthier diet in ganeral 20% 65% 47% Always (Vegetarian including vegans. Never eat meat, fish, or poultry) 4% To eat preferred foods 10% 23% 14% To reduce impact on the planet/ 10% 30% 3% Always (Vegetarian not including veg- ans. Never eat meat, fish, or poultry.) environment To reflect spiritual or religious beliefs 8% 20% Always (Vegans. Never eat meat, fish, poultry, dairy, or eggs) 1% 3% 4% 47% Estimated population who eats veg- * "Primary" resson is the main reason respondents give for being vegetarian/vegan. "Contributory" reason refers to a question that alowed respondents to give multiple ressons for being vegetarian/vegan. Source HRC; see page 3 of this report: etarian meals Source: Vegetarian Resource Group

Vegetarianism in the United States

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How many vegans, vegetarians, and semi-vegetarians are there in the U.S.? How many vegetarian meals do they eat? And why do they choose to limit their consumption of meat and other animal products or ...


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