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Use Your Noodle: Match the Sauce to the Pasta Shape

USE YOUR NOODLE: Match the Sauce to the Pasta Shape 400 ACINI DI PEPE ANELLI ANGEL HAIR Small, ring-shaped Long, thin, round-shaped noodle Tiny, bead-shaped BUCATINI CAMPANELLE CASARECCE Fluted, petal-shaped Narrow, twisted, tube-shaped Long, hollow noodle CAVATAPPI CAVATELLI CONCHIGLIE Small, shell-shaped with rolled-in edges Small, shell-shaped Tight, spiral-shaped DITALINI ELBOW MACARONI FARFALLE Semicircular, curve-shaped Very short, tube-shaped Butterfly or bow-tie-shaped FARFALLINE FETTUCCINE FIDEO Short, thin, slightly curved Small, rounded bow-tie-shaped Thick, ribbon-shaped noodles ww FUSILLI GEMELLI LASAGNE Long, spiral-shaped Short, twisted, spiral-shaped Wide, flat, ribbon-shaped LINGUINE MAFALDA MANICOTTI Thin, flat, ribbon-shaped Large, tube-shaped (ridged or smooth) Wide, flat, ribbon-shaped ORECCHIETTE ORZO PAPPARDELLE Small, ear-shaped Small, grain-shaped Wide, flat, ribbon-shaped (with straight edges or rippled edges) PENNE PENNE RIGATE PIPE RIGATE Slanting, short-cut, hollow, tube-shaped Slanting, short-cut, ridged, hollow-shaped Hollow, curved, snail shell-shaped RADIATORI RAVIOLI REGINETTE Short, ridged, radiator-shaped Square or round pillows with cheese, meat, or vegetable fillings Wide, flat ribbon-shaped with rippled edges on both sides RIGATONI ROCCHETTI ROTINI Long, ridged, hollow, tube-shaped Short, spool-shaped Medium-sized, twist-shaped RUOTE SPAGHETTI TAGLIATELLE (WAGON WHEELS) Long, thin, ribbon-shaped Long, thin, round noodles Small, wheel-shaped TORTELLINI TORTIGLIONI TRIPOLINI Narrow, hollow, tube-shaped Tiny, bow-tie-shaped Ring-shaped, with meat, cheese, or vegetable fillings TUBINI VERMICELLI ZITI Long, very thin, round-shaped noodles Medium-sized, hollow, Medium-sized, tube-shaped hollow, tube-shaped PERFECT PASTA PAIRING: PASTA SHAPE TYPE OF PASTA SAUCE Vermicelli, spaghetti, linguine, angel hair, fideo, reginette Tomato, cream or oil-based sauces, light seafood sauces Long and skinny Pappardelle, lasagna, mafalda, fettuccine, tagliatelle Rich meat sauces, creamy sauces Long ribbons Orzo, acini di pepe, anelli, ditalini, farfalle, farfalline, orecchiette, radiatori, rocchetti, tripolini Soups, stews, pasta salads, casseroles Mini shapes Gemelli, fusilli, campanelle, Lighter, smoother sauces (such as pesto) casarecce, cavatappi, rotini Twists Conchiglie, cavatelli, pipe rigate Heavy cream or meat sauces Shells Penne, elbow macaroni, rigatoni, bucatini, manicotti, penne rigate, Hearty vegetable sauces, ragu, Bolognese tortiglioni, tubini, ziti Tubes 三 ニン Tortellini, ravioli Light butter or oil sauce Filled pasta Whether ridged, hollow, short, flat, or long-there are plenty of pasta varieties to choose from depending on your preference. Pair the right sauce with each and you're destined for a perfect pasta dish. FIX .com

Use Your Noodle: Match the Sauce to the Pasta Shape

shared by Ghergich on Nov 30
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With so many types of pasta, its almost impossible to try them all! There are different noodles for every type of dish and created this visual guide to explore all of them. Discover different ...



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