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The Ultimate Steak Doneness Guide

THE ULTIMATE STEAR DONENESS GUIDE • Deep red, cool center Best for leaner steaks like top sirloin and filet mignon, which do not have much fat to melt. May contain some blood. • Soft, tender interior • Browned around the sides; lightly charred top and bottom RARE 8 125-130°F Bright red, warm center Ideal for rib eye, T-bone, and strip steak. The fat has time to render and create a rich, buttery flavor and тахітит јuicinпess. Fairly soft, spongy with a bit of bounce-back • Well-browned sides; dark brown top and bottom MEDIUM RARE 8 130-140°F • Rosy pink, warm center Ideal for short ribs and other fatty Slightly firm, springy texture cuts • Rich brown sides; charred dark top and bottom (but not black) MEDIUM 8 140-150°F Mostly gray-brown with a touch of pink through the center Good for rib eye and bone-in strip Best for those who want slight juiciness with no blood • Stiff, minimal squish • Dark brown sides; decent charring on top and bottom MEDIUM WELL I 150-155°F Gray-brown, little to no pink A low and slow cooking process is necessary to prevent dryness. • Firm, dry WELL DONE | 160°F HELPFUL STEAK COOKING TIPS A good rule of thumb when requesting how a steak should be cooked is that lean cuts are best cooked rare and fattier cuts are best cooked longer. Shorter cooking times for lean cuts (like sirloin and filet mignon) will prevent chewiness and dryness. Medium and medium-rare cooking for fattier cuts (like rib eye and strip steak) gives the fat time to render, adding flavor and juiciness. The steak should be at room temperature before cooking to ensure that it is the same temperature throughout so it cooks evenly. Let the meat rest for 30 minutes. Always start with high heat when searing or grilling steaks in a skillet. A hot cooking surface is key for caramelizing the outside, which adds flavor. Use a meat thermometer. Resting the steak for 10 to 15 minutes before eating gives time for the juices to stop bubbling and settle so they do not spill out when the meat is cut. HOW LONG TO COOK.ORG

The Ultimate Steak Doneness Guide

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Cooking the perfect steak can be challenging to master. There are many factors that influence how a steak will cook, from the cut of beef to the temperature of the pan to the preferred level of donene...


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