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turkeynomics By Every November, Americans give thanks to their forefathers in the form of stuffing themselves to the brim with baked turkey, jellified cranberries, and pumpkin pie. It's a centuries-honored holiday weekend that plays a big part in putting retailers in the black for the end of the year. Here's the skinny on the economics of America's fattest holiday. Carrots, Celery, 1 lb Pumpkin Pie (mix + 2 pie Potatoes, 3 Ibs shells) Cranberries Stuffing, Sweet Cream, Milk, 1 gal Rolls, 12 Peas, 1 Ib 12 oz 14 oz 1/2 pint $3.24 $2.12 $1.44 $2.41 $0.77 $2.64 $3.19 $5.08 $1.70 The average cost of a classic, home- made Thanksgiving dinner in 2010 is: $43.47 Turkey, 16 lb $17.66 (Prices according to an annual survey by the American Farm Bureau.) Cost of $50 Thanksgiving Dinner Over The Years $40 Cost $30 $20 Inflation-Adjusted Cost $10 -ยท...... 2010 1986 1990 1994 1998 2002 2006 The ingredients for a classic Thanksgiving dinner are, by and large, produced domestically. This cuts down shipping costs, making the meal cheaper. Thanksgiving is A True American Holiday Just about every U.S. elementary school teaches that potatoes come from Idaho. It's true, but Washington is also a big producer, as well as Maine and Michigan. North Dakota is the place for peas, with the most pea farms in the U.S. Cranberries grow in bogs all across the U.S., from Cape Cod to Wisconsin. The U.S. is the world's largest turkey producer. Carolina/Butterball Turkeys is the largest turkey farm in the U.S. The rising number of vegans and vegetarians in the U.S. has helped the "meat alternative" industry grow by leaps and bounds. Thanksgiving is responsible for a large amount of "Tofurky" (roasted, soy-based turkey substitute) purchases each year. Veggie Turkey? .anyone? Regular Turkey Tofurky Roast $1.10/lb $8.66/lb Tofurky Roasts sold since 1995 introduction: 1,677,488 (As of 2009. Data by Turtle Island Foods) Grain needed to make Grain needed to 1 lb Turkey meat: make 1 Ib of Tofurky: Run, little turkeys, run! 4.87 Ibs 0.47 Ibs RELEASE! Sources: by @shanesnow for Omint American Farm Bureau Federation, Turtle Island Foods, USDA


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Get all the stats and figures on what Americans spend on Thanksgiving dinner and where all those tasty mashed potatoes come from.




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