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The truth about salt

Salt from the Sea : Refined vs. Unrefined : Salt is Salt-Right? Salts Worldwide Exotic salts from around the world! Gourmet chef salts. The Salt of the Earth. Revitalizing spa & bath salts! May 2015 Unrefined 100% natural Salt is essential for life!) Not all sodium and salt forms are the same. The mineral rich organic, unrefined sea salt available online and in health food stores compliments and nourishes the constitution of the body. Unrefined sea salt is consumer. The idea is that the left in the original state nature consumer will interpret the intended for consumption. The natural make-up is altered in the refining process. Refined salt is also bleached to create bright white salt to be more appealing to the salt to be pure. Minerals are removed from typical white table salt to create 'pure' salt. The 'pure' is sodium chloride, typical white not so pure, it includes additives, and typically iodine supermarkets and is added to and sugar. There is no bodily connection between chemically cleaned table salt. It is found in most processed foods. One can cause severe health conditions, & one can heal you. The History of Salt, Humans, and Animals "Worth its weight in gold" As far back as 6050 BC, the importance of salt is evident. "Worth its weight in gold" is an expression that best describes salt in ancient times. The word "salary" is derived from the Latin word sal, because the Romans were often paid in salt. The world we know today was formed around natural salt deposits. Thousands of years ago, animals would create paths that led to salt licks. Humans would follow seeking game and salt. These trails turned into roads, and settlements grew next to the roads. The settlements soon became cities and nations. During the Age of Discovery, the African and European explorers traded an ounce of gold for an ounce of salt! In the pure form found in nature. It is not altered by processing. The essential trace minerals and macro-nutrients remain. The body is able to naturally recognize unrefined salt and is able to effectively utilize it. Unrefined Vs. Processed, chemically cleaned. Being highly compressed and heated during the processing alters the natural make-up of salt. Anti- caking, free flowing, or conditioning agents are then added. These additives maY ferrocyanide, and aluminum silicate. Iodine and sugar are also added. Sugar is added as a stabilizer so the iodide will stay in the salt. Refined include sodium ammonium citrate, 6 Major Roles of Salt #1 Human Survival The body is able to survive periods without food, but without water and salt, our living cells would quickly die from dehydration. Salt is a major component of extracellular fluid. Which is essential for maintaining plasma to regulate adequate tissue and a normal cellular metabolism. Sodium is utilized as an extracellular cation, it is found in the blood and lymph fluid. Maintaining optimal extracellular fluid levels is an important physiologic function of sodium within the body, especially for cardiovascular health. premium premi #2 Food Preservation premium The hygroscopic properties of salt is utilized as a safe and effective method of preserving food. Salt has the ability to draw water of out bacteria through osmotic pressure, which prevents bacteria from reproducing thus, preventing spoilage. #3 Protein Digestion The stomach environment must be balanced for good digestion. It will affect everything downstream adversely if it is not balanced. The stomach secretes hydrochloric acid (HCL.) It is able to destroy many pathogens including bacteria, fungi, and yeast. HCL helps make proteins optimal for digestion, and ensures that minerals are more assimilable. Adequate amounts of chloride are required to produce hydrochloric acid. Salt is the best source for chloride. There are only trace amounts found in celery and coconut. Anything other than real mineral rich, unrefined salt, will not help. #4 New Human Life New life is dependent upon sodium. The sodium is balanced with other minerals such as, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other trace minerals. The salivary enzyme in the mouth is activated by salt, which is the first enzyme in the digestive process. Humans are never without a need for salt. A need for natural living, unrefined salt. #5 Anti-stress( Sea salt has proven to be effective in relieving various types of depression. The salt increases the preservation of two essential hormones that influence stress levels. These two hormones are serotonin and melatonin. They are able to induce good feelings and relaxation, as well as allow for more restful sleep at night. #6 Skin Health A salt bath is able to relieve dry, itchy skin. It assists in managing serious conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. A bath naturally opens up the pores, hydrates the tissues allowing the skin to heal, it also improves circulation. Salt added to a bath intensifies the healing, circulation, and hydration of the skin. Unrefined Salts Sold at 2015

The truth about salt

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The history and major roles salt plays in our everyday lives by Salts Worldwide.



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