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Tried and Tested Super Foods to Help You Live Longer

www.g ourmandia.c om's TRIED & TESTED SUPERFOODS To Help You Live LONGER 01 SPINACH Helps improve eyesight Both antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin are especially plentiful in spinach and protect the eye from cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. 02 ORANGE, LEMONS & OTHER CITRUS Boost Your Im mune System ! wards off colds, just one lemon can provide your recommended daily intake of vitamin C, which can enhance iron absorption and spreed up wound healing. 03 SALMON AND OILY FISH OMEGA POWER ! Supplies powerful omega-3 fats to keep blood free-flowing. Lowers blood pressure and triglycerides (a blood fat like cholesterol). Needed for brain, nerve and eye development in chidren and babies 04 GARLIC The breath of Health! Good for the heart kills b acteria if eaten raw 05 BLUEBERRIES FROM A TO ZINC Full of antioxidants Prevent infection Rich in bio-available copper, selenium, zinc, iron, vitamin C, B complex, vitamin E Promote brain health High in fiber SOURCES 1) HTTP://WUU.HSPH.HARVARD.EDU/NUTRITIONSOURCE/QUESTIONS/OMEGA-3/INDEX.HTML 2) HTTP://HOMEHOWSTUFFWORKS.COM/KALEJ.HTH 3) HTTP://GREATIST.COM/KEALTH/CHIA/ ) HTTP://UwM.CAREZ.COM/GREENLIVING/CHIA-SEEDS-AN-ANCIENT-AMERICAN-SUPER-FOOD.HTHL 5) HTTP://EN UIKIPEDIA.ORG/WIKI/COCONUT_OIL 6) HTTP://HEALTH.HOWSTUFFWORKS.COM/UELLNESS/FOOD-NUTRITION/FACTS/ANTIOXIDANTIHTM GOURMANDIA 7> HTTP://REOIPEREXOTICABLOGSPOT.COM/2010/09/NO-3-40-BEST-ANTI-AGING-FOODS.HTML ) HTTP://UwM.GLOBALHEALINGCENTER.COM/NATURAL-HEALTH/BENEFITS-OF-ACAI/ www.gourm andia. com

Tried and Tested Super Foods to Help You Live Longer

shared by Craigbarachiel on Feb 10
A diet rich in “superfoods” is absolutely essential. It is important to use targeted superfoods on a seasonal basis for best results; allergy protection, cold prevention, etc. An infographic about...


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