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Trick or Treat

TRICK-OR- TREAT Halloween is the top holiday for candy consumption in the U.S. It murders Christmas, Easter and Valentine's Day. This year, Americans will hand out a monstrous $2.3 billion dollars worth of sweets to a potential 41 million trick-or-treating kids across the country. B00-ya! Do adults plan to celebrate Halloween? More American adults 90% than ever (71.5%) plan Yes! 71.5% to celebrate Halloween 80% this year - great news for candy marketers and kids! 70% %24 60% How many kids will trick-or-treat? 50% 40% 30% 93% 20% 10% 93% of kids plan to go trick-or-treating this year. 7% of kids plan to sit at home and feel bad. 60, 10 '11 '12 80, How much will adults spend on candy? 96% of adults planning to celebrate Halloween say they'l buy just over $23 worth of candy - nationwide that adds up to $2.3 billion on candy! Per household: $23.27 How much do we spend on Halloween items? $24 $20 Costumes $2.87 Billion $16 Decorations $2.36 Billion $12 $8 Candy $2.33 Billion Cards $4 $0.59 Billion $8.0 Billion Total *07 "09 10 '11 '12 80, Which candy is the most popular? Last year, an Arizona HERSHEY'S news site received over 400,000 votes in its Candy Smackdown, an online list of America's favorite candy. MILK CHOCOLATE The top contenders were all chocolate bars: CREAMY MILK CHOLU. the Hershey's bar took first place, follwed by Nestlé Crunch, Butterfinger 10 of the top voted 16 candies are chocolate bars. and Kit Kat. Which treats do kids want most? NGRY? CRAB A SNICKES SNICKERS SNICKERS Kids say they prefer homes that give anything with chocolate (68%) followed by lollipops (9%), gummy candy (7%), chewing gum (7%) leaving 9% for other. SAIC What will adults give out? About 26% of households say they will include full-size candy (chocolate and non-chocolate) in their Halloween activity. Adult trick-or-treating: 90% of parents admit to sneaking goodies from their kids' Halloween trick-or-treat bags. This work is under a Created by: Creative Commons License BY NC ND National Confectioners Association National Retail Federation Sources: 2011 AZ Central Candy Smackdown: SNIGKERS SNICKERS SNICKERS SNICKERS FUN SIZE NICKER HKERS. ER SNIGKIES SHIHL SNICKERS SMARTIES SNICKERS SHIMAINS FUN SIZE NICKERS SNICKERS

Trick or Treat

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How much do Americans spend on Halloween? Lots of Halloween stats and graphs all made with candy.


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