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Top Kitchen Tools

ΤOP KITCHEN ΤOOLS Cooking, like all art, requires tools – and a lot of them. Here is a list of top kitchen tools that Chefs cannot live without! To make it lucid, we've divided it into cooking stages! PREPARATION COOKING All the tools that top chefs cannot resist before the flamer burns, gets into this list. This is the stage where the vegetables and spices are set to shapes and pre-flavor before they enter the main ritual. The ancestral act! Here we have the essential set of tools that do the hardest job - getting the recipe cooked. Not surprisingly, their material and tolerance to very high temperature becomes one of the major factors to be considered here among others. Immersion Blender Digital Scale Charcoal Grill For soups and sauces, and for emulsifying to making purees. Helps Chefs to accurately measure their supplies to the decimal details. Gives an earthly flavor to roast food. Foods like kebabs, sausages, hot rolls get their famous smoky flavor through it. Also aid in assessment of nutritional No special vessel needed value of the food. An additional grill rack for roasting soft foods like fish . Spice Grinder Grind fresh spices. Griddle Pan Pressure Cooker An essential in any kitchen. Citrus Press Easily juice lemon without making mess. For all foods with the characteristic compression rows on them. Electric grinders have powerful stainless steel blades. Reduces the time taken to cook by using high temperature steam. Filters out the seeds. Cooks sandwiches and eggs easily. Peeler Bamboo Steamer A beautiful and graceful basket shaped steaming tool. Makes peeling easier, quick, and more importantly -safe! Recipes like momos or even soft noodles get enhanced elasticity Shark Skin peeler makes it even smoother and softer. Flexible Plastic Cutting Boards Flexible cutting boards give structural ease. Carbon Knives Regular knives on fire. Extremely sharp knife over a long period of time. Very durable and efficient. SERVING Very easy to store and clean. This is a short list, since serving is so varied in different cultures! However, there are the absolute important ones - or at least, that is what the top chefs say! THE COMMONS Aluminum Foil Their invention changed the way we stored our food. No matter what stage the food is at, these tools are inevitable. These are the literal must-haves of the kitchen shelves that run through all cuisines and phases because of their utility. Preserves and stores all kinds of foods. Used for salad aesthetics, cookie-shaping, dispending, holding food etc. Apron The best protection between the Chef and the flaming recipe. Champagne Stopper An excellent way to preserve champagne for the next serving. A place to keep the tools for handy access whenever required. Makes serving champagne a reasonable affair. The Apron is a statement of the style. Spatula Extensions of the Chef's arms! So that would be the bunch of items that the best chefs of our generation owe their days to. Make this your shopping list before you decide to embark on your culinary journey! For frying, picking, sorting, turning & everything! Also comes handy when tasting the recipe. Comes in all sizes and materials. Spoon Used in tasting, mixing, basting or adding the essentials. Come in an entire range of sizes, shapes and materials. References Atp/ s0-lavorite kitchen-tools hemi AIMS tpwwwtheaimsacindaldegreeml ............................. .................. ...........................................***

Top Kitchen Tools

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What are the weapons chef use in the food battle? What equipment's bring out those exotic looking recipes out of the kitchen? Here is a list of the top kitchen tools without which the Chef’s job wo...



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