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Top BBQ Tips

Tilda Jegendary Rice TOP BBQ, TIPS low and ow BBQ is not a race, if you grill too quickly on a high heat the food will burn on the outside and be left uncooked on the inside. The trick is to first 'sear' the meat on a high heat. Then reduce the temperature, or wait for the flames to die down. This will ensure that your food won't dry out. day rub -vs- mo narinade 2. It's simple, for the best result just combine both barbecue techniques into one. Dry rub the meat first and then marinade it. This will ensure that your meat gets maximum flavour. If you are organised and have the time, prepare your meat the day before for extra tasty results. meat 3 rever cook cold Making sure the heat permeates the meat from outside to in, without burning it, can be a struggle. To make sure you cook the meat to perfection you should always take the meat out of the fridge at least 20 minutes before cooking. 20°c 25°C ROOM TEMP, ill marks 4 The cross-hatch grill-lines makes any meat or fish extra delicious. To get the grill-lines simply sear the food on a high heat length ways to the grill-bars, remove the food, quickly wipe the bars with oil and repeat at right-angles. As soon as both sides are seared, return to normal low temperature cooking. grest meat ltonativer 5 You don't have to just serve meat from the BBQ, there are many delicious and healthy alternatives, such as corn on the cob, big portobello mushrooms and asparagus. For the best grilled asparagus allow to soak in water for 30 mins before grilling. When grilling vegetables (like with meat) you should brush the food lightly with oil and spices. FACT FACT #1 BBO FACT BO FACT BBQ FACT 2-IN-3 HOUSEHOLDS IN THE UK N OW OWN A BARBECUE TOP TOOLS Grill Mitts: Long-handed tongs: It's important to have a suitable pair of mitts for grilling. But don't think your cute kitchen mitts will cut it, grilling has far more heat and safer protection is essential. Using tongs rather than a fork will ensure the food maintains it's shape and keep its juciness. Long handed spatula: A spatula for grilling should have a long handle for allowing a swift flip. Metal or silicone spatulas are the best, you don't waht melted plastic in your food. Meat thermometer: Grill brush: Always clean the grill after use, this is vital for a healthy BBQ. A Brass-bristle grill brush works best as it won't damage the finish on the rack. Invest in a good thermometer to ensure meat is cooked throughout. Cooking temperatures differ, check the cooking time section below for more details... FACT #2 BBQ FAC WHEN THE RAIN STARTS 80% ALMOST 80% OF BRITS STICK OUT THE SHOWERS AND CARRY ON GRILLING INSTEAD OF RETREATING TO THE KITCHEN COOKING TIMES burger pork chop sausage steak 10-15 mins 4-5 mins/side Tip: keep turhing them, on a low medium heat interhal temp internal temp 1°C / 160F medium medium 4-5 mins/side medium 4-5 mins/side well done 5-8 mins/side well done 5-8 mins/side well done 8-10 mins/side interhal temp 11°C / 160'F internal temp 11°C / 160'F 11°C / 160'F fish potato forn on the cob lamb chop Wrap in foil 10 mins/side/inch of thickness small-medium 30-45 mins medium-large high heat 5 mins/side for medium wrap in foil 15-20 mins keep rotating internal temp 13°C / 200'F 45-60 mins Tip: don't forget the Salt, Pepper & Herbs. interhal temp 63°C/ 145F Tip: you can always start in the oveh interhal temp 63°C/ 145'F or microwave interhal temp 99°C / 210'F FACT BQ FACT 90% OF BRITS SAID THEY PREFER FOOD COOKED ON A BBQ BY A MAN RECIPE CHICKEN, PRAWN & CHORIZO chorizo JAM BALAYA celery gərlic cloves Tilda olive oil BARBECUE Tilda Barbecue Rice whole prawhs Limilid Edition salt & pepper : Tajun Seasohing chicken breast parsley orahge pepper chicken stock using a paella pah, pop on top of a hot BBQ & ay7 |je ppe ingredients Find the full recipe at: DBQ FACT FACT #4 * BBQ FACT FA BBQ FACT COAL GAS WHAT TYPE OF BBQ DO YOU PREFER? 51% 49% Limited Edition New Limited Edition Barbecue Rice, using delicious authentic ingredients, carefully Tilda Jndaly Ree BARBECUE RICE selected and created with MasterChef 2010 Limiled Edition Winner Dhruv Baker. Only available for a limited time. Find out more at OBO FACT

Top BBQ Tips

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This infographic is to support the launch of Tilda Basmati Rice's latest product, Barbecue Rice. It has several different sections including: Tilda's top 5 tips for successful BBQ tips, the essential ...


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