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The Top 5 Worst Kids' Lunch Foods

THe Top 5 WORST KIDS' LunCH FoODs Whether it's the ingredients, labeling, or nutritional value, learn why each of the popular kids' foods listed below actually harms more than helps. wнат's ваD: WHAT'S BETTER: #1 FRUIT SnacKs Real FRUITS Grapes, berries, and peeled tangerines They are the number one cause of tooth decay and are filled with artificial are real fruit snacks that kids love. colors and flavors, not fruit, Don't forget about raisins too! #2 PackaGeD DesseRTS DesseRTS FRom SCRATCH GLAD DTY If you want to treat your kids, make Snack cakes and desserts are leading sources of trans fat, which is the worst type of fat to eat (you should consume desserts from scratch and take direct control of the quantity and quality of the ingredients used. none at all). #3 Juice Boxes Juiced WHOLEe FRUITS Commercial juices are often made from Make juice from whole fruits as a treat without added sugar and preservatives. Juicing preserves the vitamins found in fruits. high-fructose concentrates that contain no nutritional value as the filling ingredients like fiber have been stripped away from the fruit. #4 СваскеRS PITa or Naan Most crackers have little to no Trying cutting 100% whole grain pita or naan into smaller pieces and stay away from preservatives entirely. nutritional value and are often cooked or covered in oils and fats. #5 LuncH Meaтs PreservaTIve-FRee MeaTs Stay away from processed lunch meats Rather than buying packaged, that include nitrates, which have been processed meats, slice up meat that you cooked yourself or buy fresh from shown to increase the risk of heart disease and cancer. the deli counter. SPARK www.SPARKPE.ORG PRESENTED BY SOURCE: HTTP://SHINEYAHOO.COOM/TEAM-MOM/TOP-5-WORST-LUNCH-FOODS-KIDS-185900210.HTMLHIEEX2K DESIGNED BY: BEST RANK I Www.BESTRANK.COM

The Top 5 Worst Kids' Lunch Foods

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When it comes to providing kids with the best nutrition to keep them going strong, traditional PE programs alone may not suffice. Since kids are notorious for being picky eaters, this can make it diff...




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