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Time For Tea

Time for TEA E 165 million Globally, tea is the most widely consumed beverage after water Britons have been cups are drunk in the UK EVERY DAY drinking tea for nearly 400 years' There are around 1,500 varieties of tea, but they all come from one species of plant, Camellia sinensis 5 main types of tea What ma to turn from green to brown-black, a process called oxidation. each type erent is the degree leaves are allowed White Green The least processed, and rarest tea. New leaf buds are picked while still unopened. New leaves are heated immediately after picking, this stops them oxidising or going black. Can be scented. Taste: Soft, subtle, sweet Taste: Sweet, fragrant Water: 65 to 70°C Water: 75 to 80°C Brew time: 1-2 mins Brew time: 1-2 mins Oolong Black Mid-way between green and black teas. Leaves are partially oxidised. Leaves are rolled and crushed, and left to turn black. The most popular tea in the western world. Taste: Floral, fragrant, rich Taste: Strong, bold Water: 80 to 85°C Water: 99°C Brew time: 2-3 mins Brew time: 2-3 mins Pu-erh Earl Grey is a popular scented black tea, flavoured with bergamot orange peel. Dark tea, aged and fermented in a process that can take up to a year. ste: Strong, sweet Water: 95 to 100°C Brew time: No limit Seasons for teas Some of us drink different types of tea throughout the day. In China different teas are associated with the seasonst Spring Scented teas Summer Autumn Winter Green teas Oolong and white teas Black and pu-erh teas Health benefits of tea A cup of tea contains 50% less caffeine than coffee – but enough still to act as a pick-me-up. Tea also contains a stimulant known as theophylline which can increase the heart rate. Tea plays an important role in the daily diet of the nation5,6 40% 98% of people's average daily fluid intake is tea of Britons take milk with tea. Tea with milk provides 16% of daily calcium requirement in 4 cups milk Tea is a source of vitamins: Black tea Is a rich source of antioxidants that some scientists believe may help prevent types of cancer, as well as reduce clogged arteries and lower risk of Vitamins B1, B6, B9 Vitamin C – particularly green, oolong and black tea heart attack and strokes. And minerals: Green tea Has long been used in China a remedy for depression and headaches. Manganese, essential for the growth of bone Potassium, maintains healthy heart and body fluid levels Oolong tea Helps reduce blood sugar in diabetes, according to some scientific studies. Flouride, prevents tooth decay and gum disease What kind of tea drinker are you? According to one expert", tea drinkers fall into four groups: The 'I Need A The Escapist A cup of tea is a chance to take a break, to escape from the hubbub of a busy day Caffeine Fix' Caffeine gives us that feeling of alertness and vitality, and is highly addictive The Health The Habit Drinker Some people drink tea simply because that's how they were raised; it's a tradition Conscious The health benefits from drinking tea are clear and long-established Emma Bridgewater Feels like home References: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. html

Time For Tea

shared by BarracudaAntoni on Mar 31
Emma Bridgewater, the much loved and respected British homeware designer, best known for her iconic teapots and mugs, has put together this infographic all about the world's second most popular beverage.


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