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Thanksgiving Dinner on a Budget

THANKSGIVING DINNER ON A BUDGET Learn how to break out the feast without breaking the bank, and find a few more reasons to be thankful this holiday season. Giving Thanks for.. Inflation? 248 million: Number of turkeys raised in 2011 in the U.S. for slaughter The average Thanksgiving meal in 2011 cost more than one in 2010 by 13%* x10,000,000 million of those were consumed That's a 16% increase from 2010 46 on Thanksgiving The Rising Cost of Celebration 30% In 2011, worldwide food costs increased 2. Biofuels now require 8% of the world's vegetable oil and 8% of its grain supply In the US, costs grow for a number of reasons: Inflated food production Gas prices spiked 6.7% in December 2011, increasing the cost of food delivery and food in general costs are passed to the consumer And of course, the simple laws of supply 3. and demand have increased food costs 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 An increasing demand has driven up the average cost per person for a Thanksgiving feast eSetin the Table for Thanksgiving Cost breakdown of the average Thanksgiving meal 2011 16 LBS. TURKEY: $21.57 SWEET POTATOES: $3.26 ROLLS: $2.30 PUMPKIN PIE MIX: $3.03 STUFFING: $2.88 PIE CRUSTS: $2.52 RELISH TRAY: $0.76 WHIPPING CREAM: $1.96 OTHER: $3.10 THE ONE SAVING GRACE: There's one food item that has actually gotten cheaper over the years! 24 gobble? 23% The price of fresh green Unfortunately, green beans molded into the shape of a turkey do not count as a legitimate Thanksgiving turkey. beans has declined %24 Be Thankful For Careful Planning Cost saving tips for the holiday season 10% SAVE off TODAY Spec limi 3 Buy a supermarket turkey Lighten the load! These aren't your grandmother's coupons Average cost: $1.35 / Ibs. Average cost of a Heritage Foods, USA turkey: Upwards Let others prepare and bring dishes - just like the first Thanksgiving! $4.6 billion: Total consumer savings through coupons in 2011 of $10 / Ibs. 12.2% more than in 2010 Shop wholesale: Cost of a turkey at Whole Foods: $3.99 / $100: The average savings from 1 hour of couponing Ib. Cost of a turkey at Costco: $2.69 / Ib. Start the hunt early Start early, get discounts and stock up for next year while you're at it 6. Buy your ingredients in bulk: Go frozen Seasoning Onions Many standard sides can be bought frozen from the store Buy these items early when they're on sale! Fresh peas: $5.99 Frozen peas (with all the same nutrients!): $2.99 They don't need to Flour Sugar know it's from a can A pumpkin costs $5 and yields a watery filling Canned pumpkin is only $1.79: the same amount of filling Carrots Noodles without the mess Butter Eggs elhip the Turkey! Here are some favorite turkey alternatives $1.28/lb. $1.99/lb. $1.29/lb. $29.99 Chicken Legs & Thighs Honey Ham Ham provides a great cost savings on the holidays Pork Shoulder Tofurky Without needing stuffing, this brings some great cost savings Includes a pre-stuffed Tofurky loaf with Tofurky gravy, a vegan chocolate cake for dessert and coupons! Be ALefiover Champion! Check out some all-pro ways to reuse your leftover dishes Turkey Peas Veggies Turkey carcass soup Turkey Tortillas Cheese Salsa Leftover turkey enchiladas Turkey Pie crust Turkey shepherd's pie "СУ Mashed potatoes Veggies Turkey Bread Mashed potatoes The ultimate leftover Thanksgiving sandwich Cranberry sauce Stuffing FIND ALL THESE RECIPES AND MORE AT: YUMMLY.COM Sources $28.74 $24.51 $26.61 $24.70 - $28.85 $25.95 $26.39 $27.49 • $28.40 $29.64 $31.66 $31.75 $33.09 $33.83 $32.37 • $35.04 CRANBERRIES: $2.48 $34.56 $36.28 $35.68 $36.78- $38.10 $42.26 $44.61 $42.91 1 GALLON OF MILK: $3.66 $43.47 GREEN PEAS: $1.68 $49.20

Thanksgiving Dinner on a Budget

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The average Thanksgiving dinner cost $49.20 per person last year, up from $43.47 in 2010. It was the largest percentage jump in Thanksgiving meal prices since 1990. But there is hope! We present some ...


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