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A Taste of History: Sushi Then and Now

A TASTE OF HISTORY: SUSHI THEN AND NOW THE HISTORY OF SUSHI 4TH CENTURY B.C. SUSHI BEGINS IN SOUTHEAST ASIA • Salted fish fermented with rice is an important source of protein. • Ouly the fish is valen-the iice is lluown away. 8TH CENTURY A.D. SUSHI IS INTRODUCED TO JAPAN • Fish is still partly raw and consumed with rice. • Sushi becomes a style of cuisine rather than a method of preserving food. 17TH CENTURY A.D. MATSUMOTO YOSHIICHI REVOLUTIONIZES SUSHI • He seasons the rice with rice wine vinegar • This allows the dish to be eaten immediately. 19TH CENTURY A.D. MOBILE FOOD STALLS DOMINATE THE TOKYO FOOD SCENE • Sushi gains po • His style of nigiri-sushi becomes easy-to-eat "fast food. thanks to Chef Yohei Hanaya. 1923 THE GREAT KANTO EARTHQUAKE STRIKES TOKYO • Skilled chefs from Tokyo are forced to relocate. • Sushi styles are spread all over Japan. MODERN DAY SUSHI IS WILDLY POPULAR WORLDWIDE • It is a healthy and delicious meal option. • Traditional and fusion sushi can be found nearly everywhere. POPULAR MODERN A 5U5HI RDLLS LION KING ROLL Inside, you'l1 find crab meat, avocado, and cucumber. The roll is covered with salmon and special Lion King sauce and then baked to bubbly perfection. SPIDER ROLL Crispy tempura-fried soft shell crab is surrounded by seaweed and rice, which is topped with a spicy saucé. CALIFORNIA ROLL Great for sushi beginners! Crab meat, avocado, and cucumber are wrapped in seaweed and rice and then topped with sesame seeds. RAINBOW ROLL Inside is a California Roll which is topped with a variety of fresh fish including salmon, tuna, yeflowtail, and snapper. PHILADELPHIA ROLL Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado, and cuçumber are wrapped together for a savory, creamy delight. DRAGON ROLL Don't let the name scare you-the Dragọn Roll is a delicious choice with grilled eel, avocado, and cucumber inside and a slightly sweet and savory eel sauce on top. SPICY TUNA ROLL Rice and nori surround a mixture of hot and spicy tuna, which is cooled off with strips of crunchy cucumber. Mizuumi SUSHI AND SEAFOOD BUFFET WWW.SUSHIANDSEAFOODUNIONCITY.COM Sources:

A Taste of History: Sushi Then and Now

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Sushi has a history that is just as wonderful as its taste. For example, during the 19th century, Chef Yohei Hanaya created nigiri-sushi, which is easy-to-eat “fast food.” Explore the roots of sus...


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