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Tampa Bay celebrates regional craft beers

Tampa Bay Times March 2013 Tampa Bay celebrates Regional Craft Beers Remember those quaint days when bars considered themselves import spe- cialists, offering selections like Foster's, Guin- ness and Newcastle? Now it seems that if you don't have 32 craft beers in your tap rotation, you can kiss those weekend crowds goodbye. That's why we're celebrating Tampa Bay Beer Week (March 2-9) with this graphic that takes a look at the explosive growth nationally and lo- cally of this new brew passion. O Pore over these basics - like the fact that a beer can't be called a craft beer unless it's by a small independently owned brewery generally making less than 6 million barrels of beer a year. Then pour your- self a brew and digest these cool facts about the beer and the biz. 44 WHAT ALES US among the top U.S. craft beer markets by June 2012, 97% Growth in number of U.S. breweries over the of these are considered last three decades craft beer breweries In 1980 less than 100 1980 1990 2000 2010 Satisfaction Guaranteed Smgrty Pants * Double Stout The goblet's wide mouth and deep stem Pint glasses were not really meant for serving beer. They're more for drinks prepared in a shaker. To really savor your craft beer try one of these: deliver the ale and The tulip traps aroma and maintains froth. aroma to the palate. For some ales, the etil snifter's tapered top A tapered Pilsner glass maintains traps the aroma, while the wide bottom a collar of foam transfers heat. to enhance aroma. Home brewing $8.7BILI. le de Us MEACIC NOS. IPA SINCE 1978 Sales for craft brewers in 2011 4o (similar to those for Champagne) 10% 30% 4-6- -5-7 are considered regional craft brewers of craft brewers are brew pubs Percent of Percent found in 40* alcohol by volume found 24 Highest alcohol heavier percentage beer in America - Utopias - made by Sam Adams. considered microbreweries in the craft beers typical beer. BREAKING DOWN THE BREW CREWS According to Florida law, any beverage that reaches 17.259 %, alcohol by volume is liquor. So malt beverages (i.e., beer) would have to be under that limit. 13 32 Ounces in the largest size bottle that can legally be sold in Florida. Number of breweries operating or planned in Tampa Bay PULL-ON 1B LAGER SA.M. Let's see what's on tap The Mermaid (Tampa): 20 Ale and Witch (St. Petersburg): 32 Crum's (St. Petersburg): 65 Empouria (St. Petersburg): 12 Mr. Dunderbak's (Tampa): 55 Independent (Tampa): 15 Last call for alcohol in both Tampa and St. Petersburg 24HRS. (A flight of beer emporiums and the number of craft beers they have on tap) Hours that liquor stores in Miami-Dade County can stay open. Craft beers constitute ConteƱts (glessary): of beer sales Wort - The sugary liquid that's created from brewing the starches in beer. Isinglass - A fining in Florida obtained from the swim bladder of a fish. (Yes, trace amounts are in your craft beer.) Sparging - The process of washing the grains during brewing. Finings - Clarifying agents that are added to beer to help give it that clear, not cloudy, look. Irish moss - A fining that's a type of seaweed. Often used in craft beers that are marketed to strict vegans. Tampa Bay Times Compiled by Times research staff Graphic: Natalie Watson, Anne Glover, Lee Glynn

Tampa Bay celebrates regional craft beers

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As we celebrate Beer Week in Tampa Bay, we've taken a look at some interesting facts and figures about the emerging craft beer industry. Florida, and in particular Tampa Bay craft brewers, are already...



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