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Swap This For That: Spring/Summer Edition

Calorie Swap Shop Picnic and BBQ edition Swap this: Calories 401 Calories 295 for Fat Fat 19.3g 17.1g Carbs Carbs 51.8g Calories 31.2g Vietoria Cheesecake Protein Protein 106 5g Sponge 4.1g saved Swap this: Calories 202 Calories 84 French Fries Doritos for Fat Fat 11g 3g Carbs Carbs 23g Calories 13g Doritos Frenth Fries Protein Protein 118 3g 1g saveд Swap this: Calories Calories 239 89 grnoNGBO for Fat Fat Og 2.6 Og units unit Carbs Carbs 31g Calories Og Pint of cider Gin and tonic Protein Protein 150 Og Og Sugar saved Sugar 12g 12g Swap this: Calories Calories 363 192 for Fat Fat 21.6g 4.8g Carbs Carbs 17.8g Calories 29.96g Quiche lorraine Aslice of 171 mediterranean Protein Protein Og 8.5g veggie pizza saved Swap this: Calories 564 Calories 262 for Fat Fat 31.5g 4.2g Carbs Carbs 38.5g Calories 28.5g 1/4 pounder Chicken fillet Protein Protein | Eheeseburger 30 burger with salad 32g 41g saved Swap this: Calories 50 Calories 76 for Fat Fat 7.84g 2.7g Carbs Carbs 1.11g Calories 6.96g 1 tbsp blue Eheese 1 tbsp honey Protein Protein 26 & mustard 0.72g 0.15g dressing saved dressing Swap this: Calories 143 Calories 94 for Fat Fat 8.2g 0.15g Carbs Carbs 11.17g Calories 21g A small baked potato 100g potato Protein 49 Protein 2.68g salad with 2.1g mayonnaise saved Swap this: Calories 354 Calories 216 for Fat Fat 19g 12.42g Carbs Carbs Og Calories Og 3 Ehicken drumsticks 38 1 medium pork éhop Protein Protein 42g 24.38g saved Swap this: Calories 260 Calories 94 for Solero Fat Fat 15.5g 1g Carbs Carbs 26.7g Calories 20g Classic Magnum Protein 166 Protein Solero 3.4g 1g saved Sugar 23.3g Sugar 23.3g K. Kitchen Appliance Centre BROUGHT TO YOU BY MAGNUM CLASSIC

Swap This For That: Spring/Summer Edition

shared by nikkidavis on May 24
We’re not telling you to say no to your favourite treats, but by making a few clever calorie swaps you can still enjoy all of the flavours of summer without adding inches to your waistline. This inf...


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