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Sustainable coffee

HEYVOUTHERE if you're reading this, chances are good (or someone you know) has enjoyed a cup of COFFEE within the last 24 hours why? overall coffee consumption in the U.S. is currently at 83% +5% from last year alone... as responsible consumers in a world-wide market, our first question should be how is this coffee being produced 4.5% of coffee consumed worldwide came from farms involved with The Rainforest Initiative that's over 2 million hectares of sustainable growth, with an area over 1HA = 10,000M² = 1.5PIELDS SOCCER %3D YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK x2 RESPRVE twice the size of Yellowstone National Park BUT IS CONSIDERING THE ENVIRONMENT ENOUGH? Greenwashing is the practice of appearing to be more ethical and environmentally friendly without actually being so. Such practices have spawned the term "fairtrade lite" FAIR TRADE sold at every New England McDonalds a percentage of coffee sold at Starbucks (8.1%) is Fair Trade certified CERTIFIED COFFEE Fair Trade Certified is the largest economic force in this category.. BUT AT WHAT COST? per lb of coffee, $2.84– farmers receive only $9-$10 while that same lb is sold for 70% more | in the United States or Europe why is the producer cut out of the profit? profit increases when producers have control over.. harvesting roasting exportation 1. 2. 3. but most producers don't have collateral for proper funding- instead, middlemen end up taking a share of the profits Ex. The largest markup comes when coffee shops brew coffee drinks, or store packaged beans to be sold on shelves. Very little of this markup is passed back to the producer. Large companies have the cash on hand to hold beans Starbucks ships beans to the U.S. to roast, keeping profits out of producing until the price is high. countries. Current GNI per capita for low and medium <$875 - $3,465 developing countries is If producers controlled steps 1-3, $2.84/lb could become $5/lb, resulting in a GNI of Instead $1,800 - $7,00 small farms are forced to sell beans early for horrible rates startup coffee farms require anywhere from $10,000 one of the best ways to end poverty is agribusiness support two companies are working actively to do exactly this $1,000,000 opens up internet sales to local farmers year one = 328,000 lbs shipped Ibs sold for $9-$12 were split 50-50 with farmers THRIVE FARMERS COFFEE has lent $235 million to 305 rural businesses in 35 countries this supports 400,000 households well over 1,000,000 people greater than 99% repayment rate rootcapital -Conclusion?- WE DON'T HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN PEOPLE AND QUALITY ROASTS get educated, get involved brought to you by Citations _Geographical_Scope_policy EN.pdf created by Dylan Orlady

Sustainable coffee

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4.5% of coffee consumed worldwide came from Rainforest Initiative farms last year. Such initiatives began as alternatives to exploitative traditional business. But higher production exposes the tensio...


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