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Sushi 101

SU SHI 101 things worth knowing about eating SUshỉ To maximize the flavor, try eating the fish in a certain order. sushi START A WHITE FISH THEN MOVE ONTO SILVER WORK YOUR WAY TO RED AND THEN ONTO FISH WITH A HEAVIER FLAVOR, SUCH AS SALMON AND SALMON ROE START ORDERING SIMPLE ROLLS SUCH AS TUNA IS A SIGN THAT YOU'RE ENDING YOUR ORDER. FINISH EGG TAKES THE ROLE OF DESSERT THE FATTIEST FISH COMES LAST Ideally you should start by eating fish with a lighter flavor and then move onto fish with a heavier flavor. This keeps the heavier fish flavors such as fatty-tuna, from overpowering the lighter ones, sush as snapper. Don't rub your chopsticks together If you're at a nice Japanese restaurant, it's considered very rude to rub your chopsticks together after breaking them apart. Rubbing them together is intended to break off the loose bits of wood, but when do it you're inadvertently telling the chef "your utensils are cheap." you How to (properly) dip sushi into soy sauce DON'T DRENCH YOUR SUSHI IN SOY SAUCE. YOU ONLY NEED A LITTLE BIT, OTHERWISE YOU'LL OVERPOWER THE TASTE OF THE ACTUAL FISH. 1. PICK UP THE SUSHI 2. ROLL IT 3. PUT THE SOY ON THE FISH, NOT THE RICE. REMEMBER: YOU'RE GOING OUT FOR SUSHI, NOT FOR SOY SAUCE. Trouble with chopsticks? It's perfectly acceptable to eat sushi with your hands - that's the way it was traditionally eaten in Japan. What's the point of ginger? Ginger is eaten between different types of sushi for cleansing your palate for the next fish. THINK OF IT AS A "TASTE BUD REBOOT." Wasabi Burn If you take in too much wasabi and your mouth is on fire, stop breathing through your mouth and start rapidly breathing through your nose. The burn will fade away within seconds. Drink your soup! If you ordered a bowl of miso, it's perfectly acceptable (and a bit easier) to drink it directly from the bowl. Also, miso is not intended to be an appetizer. It's supposed to be ordered after your main course. Are tuna & fatty tuna the same fish? YES! THEY'RE JUST DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE SAME FISH. SE-NAKA (BEST PART OF RED) SE-SHIMO SE-KAMI (RED-FATTY TUNA) (MX OF RED & LESS FATI HARA-KAMI OH-TORO (EXTRA FATTY TUNA) HARA-SHIMO HARA-NAKA CHU-TORO (FATTY TUNA) MX OF FAT &LESS RED) Sushi is good for you! BUT EATING A PLATEFUL OF DEEP-FRIED ROLLS DRENCHED IN MAYONNAISE IS NOT. REMEMBER SUSHI IS ONLY A HEALTHY MEAL WHEN YOU STICK TO THE BASICS: SEAFOOD AND RICE. AND LASTLY, REMEMBER THAT THERE'S REALLY NO WRONG WAY TO EAT SUSHI. IF THE FOOD IS GOING INTO YOUR FACE AND YOU'RE ENJOYING YOURSELF, THEN YOU'RE PROBABLY DOING IT RIGHT. THE END 鮨 鮨 CREATED BY I COFFEE

Sushi 101

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Eight things worth knowing about eating sushi. To maximize the flavor, try eating the fish in a certain order.


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