Sushi Began as a method of preserving fish in CHINA Sushi dates back to 7th century China Sushi means Sour Tasting Sushi rice is the most important part of a sushi roll Jyres Cf Sushi Maki Roll Nigiri Sashimi Rolled sushi rice with fish Oval balls of sushi rice Slices of raw fish and vegetables in nori topped with raw seafood Sake Maguro Hатachi Samon Tuna Yellowtail Ika Tako Unagi Squid Octopus Eel Taтаgo Aтa Ebi Ebi Egg Sweet Raw Shrimp Cooked Shrimp Tobiko Wasabi Nori Fish Eggs Spicy Japanese Mustard Seaweed Sushi Restaurants Outside of Japan Sushi Restaurants in Japan 16,000 45,000 DODPPPDD Sushi Restaurants in the U.S. O00¶ 3,846 U.S.Sushi Industry Total Annual Revenue $2 billion $$ THE FACTS ON SUSHI Nearly half the fish consumed Today's sushi began as a type of fast food-the 19th-century Japanese equivalent of a California rolls were as food worldwide are raised on fish farms rather than caught in the wild inventedin Vancouver B.C McDonald's drive-thru Inside-out rolls are the In today's sushi, frozen Sushi technically refers to any dish that is made with vinegared rice. It does not have to contain fish, mainstay of American fish is often “fresher" sushi-and are an than fresh fish American invention. but most often does Did you The mass-production of sushi rolls was made possible by a pioneering female scientist in Britain in the 1940s. Japanese seaweed know? farmers have erected a shrine in her mетory Most Common Sushi Roll Fillings Include Tuna Snapper Yellowtail Salmon Mackerel Crab Sources: Sushi Encyclopedia, Asia-Pacific Journal, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Be Green Orine Buanosa 1o Busness Pacagng Store IPACKAGING LLC


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Did you know that there are over 45,000 sushi restaurants in Japan alone? By comparison, there are just shy of 4,000 throughout the entire United States. This infographic breaks down the history of su...


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