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Supplements vs. Whole Foods: What Does the Difference Look Like?

Supplements VS. Whole Foods What Does the Difference Look Like? WHAT ARE DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS? DEFINITION A dietary supplement is a product intended for ingestion that contains a "dietary ingredient" intended to add further nutritional value to (supplement) the diet. FUNCTION Dietary supplements can help ensure that you get an adequate dietary intake of essential nutrients as well as in some cases, help you reduce your risk of disease. FORM Supplements may be found in many forms such as tablets, capsules, soft gels, gel caps, liquids, or powders. THE FACTS AND FIGURES ON SUPPLEMENTS IN 2012, NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS GENERATED WOMEN ARE THE LEADING CONSUMERS OF $32 BILLION IN REVENUE WORLDWIDE. SUPPLEMENTS. IN A RECENT SURVEY, 74% OF WOMEN WERE NOTED AS SUPPLEMENT USERS, COMPARED WITH 64% OF MEN. ACCORDING TO A REPORT, THE HISPANIC MARKET MULTIVITAMINS COMPRISE OVER 80% OF FOR SUPPLEMENTS SAW THE FASTEST GROWTH CHILDREN'S VITAMIN SALES. FOR SUPPLEMENT USAGE OF ANY ETHNIC GROUP BETWEEN 2009 AND 2013. IN A SURVEY ON SUPPLEMENT USE IN IRELAND, VITA MEANS "LIFE" IN LATIN, AND VITAMINS OVER 184 SEPARATE TYPES OF SUPPLEMENTS M- ARE ESSENTIAL FOR LIFE. WERE RECORDED, INCLUDING SINGLE AND MULTI-VITAMIN AND MINERAL PREPARATIONS, A RANGE OF COD LIVER OIL-BASED PRODUCTS AND OTHERS SUCH AS GARLIC AND GINSENG. THE MAJOR DIFFERENCES BETWEEN SUPPLEMENTS AND WHOLE FOODS 1 Many supplements, especially multi-vitamins, are derived from synthetically manufactured substances and not edible foods. Synthetic substances are typically not absorbed as well as whole foods, and are sometimes even harmful if consumed in large quantities over time. Whole foods offer greater nutrition. They are complex, containing a variety of the micronutrients your body needs – not just one. For example, an orange provides vitamin C plus some beta carotene, calcium and other nutrients. It is likely these compounds work together to produce their beneficial effect. SUPPLEMENTS VS. WHOLE FOODS What Does the Difference Look Like? Calcium 3 x 500 = 1500mg 2.2 pints of milk Iron 1 x 15mg 3 x 324g blocks of Tofu (Omega-3 3 x1000mg = 3000mg 3 cups of caviar (Vitamin A 1 x 2400mcg 16 medium carrots Vitamin B12 1 x 1000mcg 79 fillets salmon Vitamin ARMIT NARMIT ARMIT ARMIT B1 1 x 100mg 4 large jars of Marmite Vitamin B2 2 x 100mg = 200mg 200 x 200g packs of brie (Vitamin C 1 x 1000mg 12 oranges (Vitamin D 1 x 25 mcg 22 oysters (Vitamin E) 1 x 671mg 559 kiwi fruit Protein 3 x 55 scoops = 165g 9 Chicken legs Zinc 1 x 25mg 2.5 king crab legs (Magnesium) 1 x 250mg 32 Raw spinach leaves THE DO'S AND DON'TS OF TAKING SUPPLEMENTS Think about your total diet; supplements are intended to supplement the diets of some people, but not to replace the balance of the variety of foods important to a healthy diet (too much of certain nutrients can actually cause problems). 1) 2) Educate yourself on the safety risks associated with taking supplements. Be aware that the term "natural" doesn't always mean safe. A 3) supplement's safety depends on numerous things, such as its chemical make-up, how it works in the body and how it is prepared. Some herbs (for example, comfrey and kava) can DO harm the liver. Check with your doctor about the supplements you take if you are scheduled to have any type of surgical procedure or if you're pregnant/ trying for a baby. Take supplements in place of, or in combination with, prescribed medications without your doctor's approval. Fail to inform yourself about the proper dosage of supplements before taking them. DON'T Take supplements with tea or coffee because the caffeine and tannins can prevent your body from absorbing the nutrients. Double up your dosage. If you forget your supplements one day, just write off the missed pill and continue taking them as normal. 4 As it happens. We have it. References ToKnow.aspx * Above data was taken from D-O-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 %24

Supplements vs. Whole Foods: What Does the Difference Look Like?

shared by helenokeeffe on Mar 15
Have you ever wondered what are the differences between supplements and whole foods in terms of health benefits? Our infographic looks at the differences between the two and offers an insight into the...



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