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The Supermarket Scam

THE SUPERMARKET SCAM HOW SUPERMARKETS TRICK US INTO BUYING Generally there isn't a lot of thought going into supermarket purchases – people tend to buy the same brands week after week with little to no change for years. What's more, the supermarkets tend to enable this behavior in customers to increase their own product sales. From the designs of the products, to the stores themselves, everything is carefully planed and specifically placed to increase sales and encourage shopping habits. FRESH FOOD & PRODUCE Supermarkets design departments like produce with ease and comfort in mind; they know that the sights and smells in these departments also activate your salivary glands, which encourages customers to spend more and make more impulse purchases during their stay. Soft focused lighting can increase sales by up to 40-60% 30%1 of purhases are made on impulse SHOPPING ROUTE People who enter on the right side of the supermarket tend to move in a counter-clockwise pattern though the store; and on average spend $2 more than those who enter through the left. Research also shows that shoppers tend to dart in and out of aisles, grabbing what they need and then exiting the way they came. Shoppers entering the supermarket on the right band side tend to spend more $.00 $2.00 Left Right MOST VIEWED MOST VIEWED LEAST VIEWED LEAST VIEWED MOST VIEWED MOST VIEWED PRICE TAGS AISLE CAPS PLACEMENT Supermarkets utilize words like Stores will stock "caps" on the Supermarkets will place popular "Sale" and "Low Price" on their ends of aisles with well-known items and brands directly in the center of the aisle to guarantee price tags to catch the attention of customers. When shoppers see these words on price tags and recognizable brands in attempt to lure shoppers down LOW that customers walk past the PRICE the aisles; where lesser-known maximum amount of product brands and uncommon before they reach what they are they instinctively give extra value to the product – so it must be purchased immediately. items are kept. looking for. SALE 73% of purchasing decisions are made in-store. COLORS OF PERSUASION Supermarkets are a haven for color and vibrancy. From the produce and floral departments to aisles 3 and 7, the average customer's senses will be met with nearly every color on the spectrum. But what does this have to do with purchasing habits and the psychology hidden within each supermarket? 80% Final judgement of a product is done within of what we assimilate through the senses, is visual. 90 SEC of initial viewing PRODUCT PLACEMENT Supermarkets are very particular about how they stack their shelves. The top shelf is often reserved for regional brands and gourmet items, which tend to be the lesser-known items in the store. 2 1) 2 TOP SHELF EYE ZONE BEST VALUE Regional Items and Brands Store Brands Gourmet Items Name Brands Bulk Items Lesser-known Brands Highly Purchased Items Organic and Natural Items Kelloggi GENERIC LOW PRICE * PREMIUM QUALITY * *** Sources: Created by OBizMedia THE SALAVATOR SALE THAT FRESH FEELING TRUST ME SALE SALE THE EYE CATCHER :......

The Supermarket Scam

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How supermarkets use psychological cues to seduce us into buying. From product placement to sales tags supermarkets strategically place their products so that everything you crave is right in front of you.


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