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Superfood Health Benefits

SUPER FOOD Health Benefits What are Superfoods? Superfoods are the mcst healthy and nutrtionaly dense foods we have dvailatle lo uslVWith so much informal on surro.riclirg L'eir profo rd hea U beneits its hard follow what conta ns what - heres an easy-to-diges: guide tc the powers of superfoods. Chillies Orginate from Mexco, South Americe ard the Carisbean. N:w grovn al over the workl. Health Benefits: Non Culinary uses: Clilies al as ralurel painkillers ad have anti-bacterial and A rutbir dili vil into your scalp makes your hair grow faster. anzi-inflammatory properties. Simple Recipe Chillies + Green Lentils + Kidney Beans Warming Vegan Bean Chilli Tomatoes Introduced to Europe in the 1Sth century from Central America. Now a stape of Mediterranean cuis ne Health Benefits: Tornatoes have been proven to help fight cancer, keep blood sugar balanced and help keep your vision in check for longer. The Lycopene in tomatoes is pretty useful in protecting your skin against hamfu Uv rays and the Vitarin K helps bones grow strong and nealthy. Non culinary uses: Mach tomato pulp and honey together for a soothing facemask Simple Recipe Italian Style Pasta Tomatoes I Basil Gluten-Free Pasla = Goji Berries Orginally from Crina and unti recently grown nowhere else. Recent cemand has resu ted in cultivation ir both the USA and Canada. Health Benefits Apparently, goji beries bocst the immune system, increase brain activity, orotect aga nst cancer and heart disease because of ther high concencration in Vitamın C, B2 &A as wel as Iron, Selenium and pclysacchcrides. Non culinary uses: Very commcnly used in skir care ɔroducts and make-up such as foundation for skr radarce procrtics Simple Recipe Goji Berres + A mord MIk + Summer Fruits = Superfood Smoothie Cinnamon B0-90% of sinnamen comes frem Sri Lanka The rest is from Indonesia, Burma, Vetram and China. Health Benefits: Non Culinary uses: Mix witn water end spray on olants to kcep slugs and other pests from munching them Lowers alood sugar levels, helps heal infect on and recuces heart disease risk factors Simple Recipe Cirnamon + Raisins + Dats = Cinnamon Flapjacks Ginger It was one of the first spices to arrive in Europe trom Arapia'Crina. It can be used in swect and savcury dis nes and has many health penefrs Tuving that ginger cheese ake is gooc for you! Health Benefits: Non Culinary uses: I las been used for thousands of years Athough the root of a plant is used in cocking, the ginger plan Fas very prelly ed lwers to trea: illnesses sucn as nausea ard Commor coks Simple Recipe Ginger + Scy Sauce I Rice Noodles i Vepgies = Superfood Noodles Honey Horey comes from honey bees, the world over. Hcalth Benefits: Did You Know: Honey Fas powerfi lan isepli qualit es and is known for its use in helping sore throats and ocher Honey hs noISel life - W founc in an Ancient Ezyptian tomb and was still edisle common ailments. Simple Recipe Honey - 31ueberries + Mashed Banana- Superfood Fritter Pancakes Turmeric Grows wild in the forests of South and South East Asia Known for giving food a vicrant yellow/orange colour and usually associated with Incian cooking. Health Benefits: Non Culinary uses: Used in Chinese medicine to treat Can pe used as a anti inflammaroY pains, jaundce stomach ache and toothache due to its h gh concentration of curcumn. natu ral cye for clothes, wocl or paint. Simple Recipe Turmeric + Garam Masala + Rice - Veg - Vegetable Curry Quinoa Mainly rom Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colomaia and Argentina and has recentiy seen sales figures rocet due to it becoming a fashionable itle number. Health Benefits: Did You Know? High in detary fibre, giving it a naturally low G- which he ps you stey tu ler for longer. It contairs a small amourt of heart friencly Omega-3 fatty acids and arri-nflammatory phytarutrierts Quinoa isn't actually a grain, but par: of the spinach and beetroot tam ly which make it naturelly gluzen ree and a great alternative to pasta or cous cous. Simple Recipe Protein Quinoa i Pesto + Feta = Packed Salad Garlic Although nat ve to central Asa. 7.C00 years of ulit ary use has le garlic one of the most widely grown cops on the plaret. Health Benefits: Did You Know? Cortans Allein, Vitamin C. B6 ard Manganese Garlic he ps boost the immune system, ecuces blood pressure and cholesterol Ga lir was ised throug our t e wold in anrient medcine. Hppocrates prescribed garlic as a emedy for vanous ilnesses. Simple Recipe Garlç + Rainbow Chard Superfood Side Dish Toasted Pinenuts Kale Various varieties grow all over the world, at t was originaly a weed in mexlieval Furope. Health Benefits: Kae has more calcium in it than milk, is ul of Vitamin Cand K, and is packed fil of pratein. li's concertrated in things ike qercetin - whch helps combat infamration and prevents arterial placue foration- ard suloraohane, a cancer-fightirg compound Serve with fats (ie. oive oil) to release te ful benefits of Vitamin K. Simple Kale + Glsten-Free Breaderumbs Superfood Olive Dil + Broccoli - Garle = Recipe Pesto Avocado Native to Mexico and Central America. Health Benefits: Did You Know? Avorado can he used na vegan cliet as a s.bsti ute for tr cheese, wiped cream, anc butter Loaded with healthy fats and xitasium, whic h keeps har. skin, 1nals and eart eal.hy Why Not Tuj? . Awocado + Banana + Honey = Superfood Facemask Basil Ongirally from dia, besil s ow mere commonly associated with Mediterranear food. Health Benefits: I ligt in vitamin K. which helas blood clot. Dasil a so prơs des vitamn A which rontains ela-ramtenes, pewrfu antioxidants that protert te celk lin ngn merous bory strutures nch.clirg the blnod vesses, from free racli:al damage. This helps prevent chzlesterol in the blood from oxidizing helping to prevent atheroscleros s, heart attacks, and stroke. Non culinary uses: Ruc basil ci onto stings or bites for a natural anti-inilammatory ard antiseptic. Simple Recipe Besi + emon + O ive Oil = Herb-Infused Dipping Oil Blueberries The US grows rKre blueber ies tar anywhere in the world! Health Benefits: Non Culinary uses: Bueberries contain unique phenol-ike antioxidants pterosti bene and 'resveratrol. Fign tannin cortent gives them antiseptic qua ities. Frequerntly fond ir skin creams because of their skin heal ng proserties. Simple Recipe Bueberries + Cocoe powle - Avoxado = Vegan Cheesecake Blackberries Grown workdwide secause of out-o-season demand. Mexico grows the most blackberries, out they raditionally grow wild in :he ncdge ows of Eurooc. Health Benefits: Non Culinary uses: Rich in bioflavonoids and Vitamin C. very high in anti-oxidarts. Boil with mint water fo a ratural mouthwasn. Simple Recipe Blackberries + Sage Leaves + Sweetered Wate Blackberry Sage Cooler Acai Criginates from Sout ard Central America. They aste like a mass betweer red wine and chocolate but more tart. Health Benefits: Non Culinary uses: Acai berres support your mmune system, bocst energy leve's, zid digestion and zre ful of anti-oxidarts Bcczuse of the Figh levels of anti-ox dants, aca car be found in cosmetics to hep skin. Use acai berries in a facemask Simple Recipe Acai berries + Mucsli + Almond Mik = Superfood Breakfast Lavender Grown mairly in Europe and commonly a5sociated with the South of -rance Health Benefits: Non Culinary uses: Olten used as a sleep ait, the polypenos can help reduce the bad bacteria in your tum. It's also good for calming tchy skin and scoching sunbum. For its skn healing oper ies and relaxing scert, lavencer is used extersivey in cOsmetics, skin creams and batn products. Simple Recipe Laverder + Salt + Rose Petals - Natural Body Scrub Echinacea Histoncally grown on he North American olains and used by the Native Americans as medcine. Health Benefits: Non Culinary uses: Reduces symptoms of the common colc, tiredness, torsilitis, UTI's and Echinacea plants provide masses of beautiful purple flowers. rattlesnake bites. Simple Recipe Ech nacea + Lemon + Ginger - Super Tea SOURCES: anegrer planet.crg everydayhealthcom drfrarkl BROUGHT TO YOU BY: GOODNESS

Superfood Health Benefits

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When not very well, some superfoods are known to help make you feel better, usually. Adding some superfoods to your diet, is as simple as it could be for example, add honey to your tea instead of suga...


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