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Super Simple Healthy Eating Hacks

Super Simple HEALTHY EATING Hacks To Help Make Your Meals as Nutritious as Possible! Eating a variety of fresh, colourful fruit & veg is key to keeping yourself healthy, but did you know that making a few simple changes to what you eat and how you prepare it can make a huge difference to how nutritious your meals are? Read on for our super-clever hacks that will help you eat even healthier! Fruit &Vegetable Hacks Avoid Puree Cooked vegetables Boiling vegetables This method of cooking and stir them into sauces results in far greater vitamin loss than for an easy way towards your five-a-day. microwaving on steaming Pair Veg Rinse Your vegetables to wash them. Soaking with Fat Such as olive oil or cheese. The fats help your can decrease the nutrient content. body to absorb nutrients more efficiently. When Making Chips, Don't Peel You'll save time and retain nutrients HEALTHIEST CHOICE 300g Potatoes Without Skin 300g Potatoes With Skin 5% RDA Iron 18% RDA Iron, 37% RDA Vitamin C 48% RDA Vitamin C Chop Your vegetables as large Juice When juicing fruit, don't miss out on the fibre by as possible. The less surface area exposed, the putting some of the extracted pulp back into the juice, or using it in cooking. less vitamins will los during cooking. Salad Hacks Tear Lettuce Before Storing The plant responds to the 'threat' by producing phytonutrients, which increases its concentration of antioxidants. Keep in the fridge for around a day, but not much longer (tearing lettuce will also increase the rate at which it decays). ( Swap ) 28g Iceberg Lettuce 3% RDA Vit A, 1% RDA Vit C (per 28g) for... HEALTHIEST CHOICE 28g Rocket 13% RDA Vit A 28g Spinach 28g Romaine Lettuce 53% RDA Vit A 48% RDA Vit A 7% RDA Vit C 13% RDA Vit C 1% RDA Vit C Avoid Premade dressings (they contain all sorts of additives) Make Your Own Using olive oil and balsamic vinegar instead Flavour Hacks Season Rest With black pepper Garlic for 10 mins after chopping. This allows its health-giving property alliicin to form, and enhances its It has been shown to increase absorption of nutrients including selenium, vitamin B, and vitamin flavour, too. Pair Al Dente Vitamin C rich foods with The firmer the pasta, the lower its' GI (glycemic index). This helps keep your blood sugar in check and helps you stay fuller for longer. iron rich foods. The Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron more effectively. Try green veg with lemon juice. Cut Down on Salt. Use Other Flavours GINGER CHILLIES GARLIC TURMERIC CUMIN All Add Flavour, All Add Nutrients. ( Swap ) 100g White Sugar 387 calories, 0% RDA Potassium, 0% RDA Calcium, 0% RDA Iron (per 100g) for... HEALTHIEST CHOICE 100g Honey 100g Cinnamon 304 calories 247 calories 1% RDA Potassium 12% RDA Potassium 0% RDA Calcium 1 00% RDA Calcium 2% RDA Iron 46% RDA Iron SOURCES: BROUGHT TO YOU BY: GOODNESS

Super Simple Healthy Eating Hacks

shared by BoomOnline on May 27
We all know that eating healthy means consuming a balanced diet, that’s packed with colourful fruits and veg, but did you know that making a few simple changes to what you eat and how you prepare yo...



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