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Summer Grilling & the Chicken ABCs

At the stor.. Basics in the kitchen. Summer Grilling & the CHICKEN ABCS 3 WAYS Always wash your hands for 20 sec. with •Washing raw meat & poultry can splash bacteria around to thaw or marinate meat & poultry hot, soapy water. your kitchen.º Always Bɛ Careful. TIP: Sing the ABCS to time it. SAFEST KEEP IT COOL: U.S. Dept. of Health fridge 35-40°F Use hot, soapy•………… water to clean & Human Services .*• Separate your meats surfaces & utensils. recommends from other foods. IN A COVERED CONTAINER IN THE FRIDGE. these temps: freezer O'F TIP TIP Sanitize sponges in the dishwasher or SUMMER SPOILS! Cars heat up quick! Experts say to get groceries home within 1 hour. Separate cutting boards. SAFE microwave them for 1 min. SUMMER IS SPECTACULAR for outdoor dining & entertaining. Use 1 tbsp. of bleach per gallon of water. to kill over 99% of bacteria. Cooking on the gril.. tore it wisely. SUBMERGED IN COOL WATER IN THE SINK. CHANGE WATER EVERY 30 MIN & COOK IMMEDIATELY. ... But even the MOST SEASONED Cooked meat & poultry can last SAFE Check the Check all fresh meat CHEFS temperature at the thickest point on your poultry. COOKING POULTRY TO 165'F KILLS ALL BACTERIA. & poultry sell-by and freeze-by dates. Foster Farms 2-6 MO. face food safety risks. in the freezer TIP MICROWAVE & COOK IMMEDIATELY. Keep them separate in the fridge. NEARLY 1 IN 6 TWO TONGS MAKE A RIGHT! Make 2 batches of Americans get sick from Use different plates & utensils for raw vs. cooked food. marinade. FOODBORNE ILLNESS 3-4 DAYS in the fridge EACH YEAR & THE USDA says reports risɛ during the summer duɛ to MARINADE •• •• •Always cook meat STACK SMART: & poultry according to package guidelines on labels. WARMER TEMPS. Overstuffing fridge can hinder air flow. • Do not leave food out for more than 2HRS BASTE OUT IN THE OPEN AIR OR COUNTERTOP. Sources: 0 http://www.fsis.usda gov/factsheets/foodborne illness peaks_in_summer/index.asp O |||||

Summer Grilling & the Chicken ABCs

shared by FosterFarms on Jun 17
During grilling season, be sure to follow the Chicken ABCs. What are those you ask? Take a look!


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