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Sugar Gram A handy dandy guide to candy (and other sugary foods) We love sugar. Perhaps too much. The average American consumes 22.2 teaspoons - or nearly 89 grams - of sugar per day. That's more than four times the recommended amount for women (20 grams); more than twice that for men (36g) and almost eight times that for children (12g). Where does all that sugar come from? The best way to think of a gram of sugar is think in quadruples. The four-gram amounts below should be familiar to you. Four grams of sugar equals 000 one sugar cube one teaspoon one packet So how much sugar is in the things we eat? 3.4 4 grams grams grams grams Fig Newton (1 cookie) Cheerios Oreo Baby carrots (8 of 'em) (1 cup) (1 cookie) 10 Mini Wheats 12 FOOD grams grams MILK grams Site S grams Fruit by the Foot (1 roll) Frosted Mini-Wheats (25 biscuits) Strawberries Whole milk (8 of 'em, 150g) (8oz) 19 inkies 13 23 grams grams grams grams NutraGrain bar (1 of 'em) Banana Apple (1 of 'em) Twinkie (1 of 'em) (1 of 'em) 27 27 30 34 6plat Bull grams grams grams grams INERG Yoplait Strawberry (1 container) Red Bull Snickers Starbusts (8.3oz can) (1 bar) (1 package) Mineler 40 47 39 47 grams grams grams grams Coca Cola 3 Musketeers Mountain Dew Skittles (1 can) (1 bar) (1 can) (1 bag) 52 55 58 SOBE 61 grams grams grams grams Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino (grande, 16oz) SOBE Green Tea (20 ounces) Crush/Sunkist (1 can) Cinnabon (1 of em) 62 67 68 72 CKST AriZona grams grams grams grams leed tea Minute Maid Lemonade (20 oz) Arizona lce Tea (1 can) Rockstar Sour Skittles (1 can) (1 package) 86 94 123 grams grams grams Butterfinger Blizzard (medium, 16oz) McCafe Chocolate Shake Jolt Energy (23.5 oz) (large, 22oz) 192 225 grams cup grams Moothie Baskin Robbins Mango Banana Smoothie (large, 32oz) Dr Pepper Slurpee (large, 4loz) Daily Recomendation Per Day Men 36 Women 20 grams grams Children 12 grams When a single drink can give you 11 days worth of sugar intake, something is out of balance. Hopefully this chart has put some of these tasty treats in perspective. ─░mages from HARDAEASAT


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A handy dandy guide to candy and other sugary foods. So, how much sugar is in the things we eat?


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