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Stuff You Didn’t Know About Ice Cream

Stuff you didn't know about Ice Cream BBBB It takes 12pounds ICE CREAM of milk to make just one gallon of ice cream. 48 pints The average American eats of ice cream per year, more than any other nationality. The residents of Portland, Onegon eat more ice cream than any other U.S. city. The countries that consume the most ice cream after the U.S. are New Zealand and Australia They love ice cream down under! The only dessert item that has higher sales in the U.S. than ice cream is cookies. Take that, cake! Ice cream has been around for so long that we don't know who invented it! The first ice cream parlor opened in New York City in 1776 Ancient Greeks ate a crude form of ice cream in the 5th Century, B.C. The ice cream cone was reportedly invented in St. Louis in 1904 when a vendor ran out of dishes and teamed up with a waffle maker so he could keep selling his ice cream. Many people dispute this story, though. XXx The most popular flavor of ice ccream is vanilla. Some of the weirdest flavors of ice cream that have been manufactured include avocado, garlic, jalapeno and dill pickle (which was marketed to pregnant women!). The flavor Cookies 'N Cream was invented in 1983 and the flavor Cookie Dough was invented in 1991 The biggest ice cream sundae ever was made in Edmonton, Canada, in 1988. It weighed in at 54,917 pounds and was so big that they had to make it on the main floor of a mall. After the record was official, most of it was sold, with the proceeds going to charity.

Stuff You Didn’t Know About Ice Cream

shared by RhondaS on Aug 07
Which country eats the most ice cream? Here are some interesting facts you might not know about ice cream.


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