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Spice it Up

6PS MADE IN USA MONEYET SPICE IT UP MADE IN USA MADE IN US BIG FOPPA WITH BIG POPPA SMOKERS RUBS ERS WHAT'CHA COOKIN? THINKING ABOUT THROWING SOME MEAT ON THE GRILL? BEFORE YOU REACH FOR A MARINADE, CONSIDER ONE OF THESE RUBS, INSTEAD. WITH A STRONGER FLAVOR, VIRTUALLY ZERO CALORIES, AND A SHORTER MARINATING TIME, THEY'RE A DELICIOUS ALTERNATIVE FOR YOUR BAKE OR BBQ. BEEF GREENS Double Secret Steak Rub CHICKEN FISH Little Louie's with Black Pepper Money Rub Happy Ending Desert Gold Little Louie's with Black Pepper PORK Little Louie's with Black Pepper Desert Gold Jallelujah Bacon Jalapeño Jallelujah Jalapeño Salt Money Rub Sweet Money Little Louie's with Black Pepper Jallelujah Jalapeño Salt Нарру Ending Desert Gold Desert Gold Sweet Money The Bark is Worth the Bite WHEN YOU USE A RUB, SPICES AND SUGARS IN THE RUB COMBINE WITH FAT AND SMOKE TO MAKE A CRUST THAT RIVALS CANDY. TIP For more bark, add brown sugar with your rub FLAVOR BALANCE Every rub will have a different balance of sweet, sour, and savory flavors. SWEET rubs are better for pork, while fish and beef go best with SAVORY, salty rubs. SAVORY A STEP BY STEP GUIDE 1 Prepare Trim your meat, and lay it presentation-side-down in your marinating or cooking pan. 2 Spice Sprinkle the cut liberally with your favorite spice rub. Spray with a "glue" of your choice. This can be olive oil, apple juice, balsamic- any liquid that will help the rub adhere. For best flavor, do this after applying your spices, so they make direct contact with the cut. Let sit for 20–30 minutes, or until the meat starts to sweat. 3 Glue 4 Turn Flip the meat over, and repeat steps 2 and 3. You're ready to cook! Your Cupboard Essentials MONEY ($) TLE LOUIE ISONED GARLICS ITE BLACK PEPPEI EPY MON PY ENDI IMPIONSHIP MPIONSHIP INISHING RU WINNER WINNER WINNER 1000 I POPPA DOUBLE SECRE STEAK RUB ALLELUJA SERT COL ICON JALAPENO JALAPENO SEASONING WINNER VINNER WINNER WINNER BigPOPPA For all of your Grilling & SMOKERS Smoking needs check out WWW.BIGPOPPASMOKERS.COM AMERICAN MADE GRILLS SOUR SWEET WITH BLACK PEPPER

Spice it Up

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Thinking of throwing some meat on the grill? Before you reach for a marinade, consider one of these rubs, instead. With a stronger flavor, virtually zero calories, and a shorter marinating time, they'...


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