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The Spectrum of Food

SPECTRUM of Food purple Flavonoids | Anthocyanin Resveratrol | Proanthocyanidin Vitamin A | Vitamin C Manganese | Fiber | Lycopene Promotes healthy aging. Improves immune and digestive systems and memory function. red Lowers inflammation, LDL cholesterol, tumor growth, and risk of cancer and stroke. - Reduces risk of cancer. - Lowers blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels. Potassium | Dietary Fiber | Folate |Vitamin A | Vitamin E Vitamin C| Iron | Isothiocyanates | Folic Acid | Chlorophyll Maintains proper brain function and blood flow. green - Helps maintain memory function. Fights off infections and supports joint tissue. – Lowers risk of cancer, blood pressure, and LDL cholesterol. - Improves vision and immune system. CABBAGE - Antioxidants to protect body from viruses. Helps regulate blood sugar levels. - Helps the growth and repair of the body's tissues. Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease and memory loss. PICKLED ONION APPLE EGGPLANT TOMATO KALAMATA OLIVES LIME KALE RED PEPPER BLUEBERRIES APPLE CUCUMBER ONION HIBISCUS BROCCOLI JALAPEÑO STRAWBERRIES SPINACH CABBAGE RASPBERRIES orange Beta-Carotene | Vitamin A Vitamin C| Potassium | Fiber CHICORY ARUGULA WATERMELON Improves brain function and decreases muscle cramps. - Lowers risk of cancer and heart disease. BASIL ROMAINE CRANBERRIES Increases efficiency of the immune system. CILANTRO MESCLUN BRUSSELS SPROUTS PARSLEY MANGO CARROT MINT PEACH ORANGE yellow Lutein | Vitamin C| Potassium Fiber | Vitamin A - Decreases risk of macular degeneration. Protects eyes from damage. Increases energy levels and immune system. CHICKPEAS ONION QUINOA GINGER RICE LEMON OLIVE OIL PINEAPPLE HONEY BANANA PEPPERS TAHINI

The Spectrum of Food

shared by cavagrill on Apr 26
Filling your plate with colorful foods isn't just nice to look at -- it's good for you. Check out the benefits associated with Cava Grill's favorite ingredients in this infographic.




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