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Sowing the Seeds of Food Security

Sowing the Seeds of Food Security Innovations to Feed 9 Billion People in 2050 FOOD SECURITY ISSUES 2013: 7 BILLIONWORLD POPULATION 2050: 9 BILLION WORLD POPULATION 1billion MALNOURISHED 56% of stunted children in the world live in ASIA AGRICULTURE PRODUCTION = DEMAND CROP YIELD GROWTH 0.9-1.6% /year (current) 2.4%/year (required) nutrition security at RISK DOUBLED FORCES AT WORK IN ASIAN FOOD SYSTEM SMALL-SCALE FARMERS = THE MAJOR PLAYERS MANY 90% Farm Holdings 54% Farm Area are the Food Insecure MORETHAN 50% I MEAT CONSUMPTION IN 2030 of bridgeable crop yield gaps T DOUBLED exist in SOUTH &CENTRAL in SOUTH ASIA ASIA and the PACIFIC 50% INCREASE FEEDING in EAST ASIA FOOD LOSS &VWASTE CHALLENGE IN FOOD VALUE CHAIN ! I 20-50% in SOUTH 10-30% yield loss of food crop due to CLIMATE CHANGES and SOUTHEAST ASIA SCARCE RESOURCES 40% freshwater NO farm expansion potential in SOUTH ASIA 64% of population GAP in 2030 wil live in URBAN CITIES INVEST IN INNOVATIONS FOR FOOD SECURITY WITHIN AN INCLUSIVE AND SUSTAINABLE AGRIBUSINESS FRAMEWORK TECHNOLOGIES sustainable farm productivity growth and wider adotion of proven technologies FOOD PPPS INFRASTRUCTURE access to quality inputs more efficient food distribution and services, aggregation, profitable business opportunities logistics to reduce waste, upscale food PPPS & make small agriculture profitable POLICY more food trade®ional logistics integration as climate change adaptation measures cross sector policies for land and water INCENTIVE FOR SUSTAINABLE CONSUMPTION "better taste to help switch from animal-to plant-based protein consumption, and reduce resource requirement and GHGemission REFERENCE FAOSTAT downloaded in 2012 and 2013 FAO(2013) the State of Food Insecurity in the World Joint UNICEF – WHO - The World Bank Child Malnutrition Database: Estimates for 2012 and Launch of Interactive Data Dashboards 1 (update on 20 September 2013) Nature (31 October 2012) Rabobank (2012) Framework for an Inclusive Food Strategy FAO (2011) The State of the World's Land and Water Resources for Food and Agriculture Deepak, Ray et al (2012) Yield Trends are Insufficient to Double Global Crop Production by 2050, University of Minnesota ADB Gustavsson et al (2011) Global food losses and food waste, FAO Rome CGIAR Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security big facts website Wirsenius et al (2010) Agricultural Systems United Nations estimates United Nations (2011) World Urbanization Prospects the 2011 revision Cline (2007) Global Warming and Agriculture: Impact Estimates by Country Tilman Det al (2011) Global food demand and the sustainable intensification of agriculture Bruinsma (2012) World Agriculture Towards 2030/2050 2012 revisions ARDFS Commurtyot Fractice

Sowing the Seeds of Food Security

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Innovative solutions for food security can help feed 9 billion people by 2050.


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