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Southwest Food Infographic

; OF MMMERICA (UISINE OF THE SOUTH STATES UNITED FRIED CHICKEN CORN BREAD PASTA/MACRONI The southern United States is home to a variety of unique foods and flavors and some of the quintessential American meals. CHEESE MEAT FISH COLLARD GREENS Meat, especially pork, is central to Southern cuisine. PIGS GREW IN POPULARITY IN THE SOUTH BECAUSE THEY ARE INEXPENSIVE & EASY TO RAISE. POPULAR FOODS MANY VARIETIES OF PORK ARE SOUTHERN FAVORITES, INCLUDING COUNTRY HAMS, POLLED PORK, SAUSAGE, AND BACON, CHICKEN IS ANOTHER MEAT COMMONLY EATEN IN SOUTHERN FOD, SERVED FRIED OR BARBECUED, SPECIALTIES INCLODE CATFISH AND SHELLFISH LIKE SHRIMP AND CRAWFISH WHICH ARE FOUND AROUND THE GULF THIS REGION'S SEAFOOD AND ATLANTIC COAST. SOUTHERN SPECIALITIES MEAT AND THREE A TYPICAL SOUTHERN-STYLE MEAL CONSISTING OF AT LEAST ONE KIND OF MEAT AND A CHOICE OF THREE SIDES. Meat options typically include beef brisket, pulled pork, fried catfish, and fried chicken. Three refer to the sides as veg- etables, though many of them are not actually vegetable. Common sides are mashed potatoes, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, and fried okra. Restaurants serving cafeteria-style include cornbread or biscuits with the meal, along with the classic SOUL FOOD Southern beverage, sweet tea. SOUL FOOD CONSISTS OF TRADITIONAL AFRI- CAN AMERICAN DISHES DEVELOPED DURING THE TRANS-ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE Foods such as rice, sorghum (known by Europeans as "guinea corn"), and okra – were during this time. They became dietary staples among enslaved Africans. DO YOU KNOW The first soul food cookbook was published in 1881, by Abby Fisher, entided What Mrs. Fisher Knows About Old South- ern Cooking as African slaves were not allowed to read and write The New Year's holiday meal in the Soul Food tradition includes black-eyed peas, pigs feet, and chitlins, which are said to bring luck and prosperity. CORN CAN BE FOUND IN MANY FORMS IN GRITS SOUTHERN CUISINE SUCH AS CORNBREAD, HOMINY, GRITS AND HUSH PUPPIES Grits are made of hominy (corn) ground and made into a porridge. Grits are usually served for break- fast, when they are flavored with butter, sugar, or even syrup. Grits can also be ser ved as a dinner side, especially when cheese is added to make cheese grits, and a common side for DESSERTS OF THE SOUTH THE NATIVE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES OF THE SOUTH shrimp. CONTRIBUTED TO THE DESSERT SPECIALTIES OF THE SOUTH, WHICH INCLUDE PEACH AND BERRY COBBLERS AND SWEET POTATO PIE. MOON PIE A dessert snack first created in Tennessee in 1917 as a portable snack for miners, that have become a classic piece of South- ern culture. It was served alongside RC Cola as a typical treat for laborers in the early 1900s. A sweet nougat made of eg whites, corn syrup, sugar, DIVINITY fruit which forms a type of white fudge. and usually pecans or dried

Southwest Food Infographic

shared by HannahJones on Feb 07
Southwest Food Infographic depicts food habits from the southwest part of the United States........


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